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A Spread for Lughnasadh

Today (August 1st) is the ancient Celtic festival of Lughnasadh (also known as Lammas, the bread festival) and marks the first harvest. It is also called the grain harvest.

Those who follow a Celtic or Earth-based spirituality often celebrate Lughnasadh with ritual, a feast and perhaps even a bit a magic. It’s a time for enjoying the bounty of nature and reconnecting with nature. It’s also an excellent time for a tarot reading!

A personal tarot ritual of mine comes from Christine Jette’s book “Tarot for All Seasons, which is regretfully out of print – there are still many used copies available however. In the Lughnasadh section, she presents the Harvest Home Spread which is used for grounding, career, health, connectedness, and bringing your heart’s desire to fruition.

I lay this spread out every year on August 1st to see how I’ve progressed since the previous Lughnasadh. Below is the spread as taken from the book – feel free to ask a specific question of the spread if you like. You might also want to journal or save a copy of it so you can refer to it next year.

Lugh spread

Position 1: Grounding.

Indicates what you need to do to keep both feet on the ground. This card shows the practicalities of your day-to-day life. How do you function in the mundane world? If it is a problematic card, it shows you where to concentrate your efforts so you can better function in the real world.

Position 2: Career. Attitudes About Work.

Are you following your hearts desire, or just surviving? This card may give clues about your true calling as opposed to what you do to survive.

Position 3: Finances. Attitudes About Money.

Money is energy. Is your energy blocked or does it flow freely? Do you “deserve” to have money? A challenging card reveals attitudes about money that may be holding you back from abundance and prosperity. Concentrate on releasing the blocks that restrict the flow of money. Note whether card two (attitudes about work) is in conflict with attitudes about money.

Position 4: Connections And Sharing.

Describes feelings of connectedness with others. How do you let your “guard” down to share with others? (The real you.) A problematic card illustrates either areas of isolation, based on mistrust, or areas of weak boundaries, based on the need for approval. Do a three-card spread for more information if needed.

Position 5: Health and Healing.

This card reveals how you take care of your body and nurture yourself. It may describe an area that is out of balance and needs your full attention. A Court Card indicates a healer of some type or participation in healing activities; Wands, spiritual retreats and energy work, such as healing touch; Cups, emotional counselor, psychic development, and dream work; Swords, books or seminars on self-improvement; and Pentacles, nutrition, getting in touch with the natural world, and bodywork, such as massage.

Position 6: First Harvest.

A summing up. You have planned the garden and planted the seeds of your life. What are you reaping for yourself based on your attitudes and behaviors? What are you harvesting? A problematic card indicates an area that needs weeding; it also denotes worn-out ideas or behaviors that are no longer useful to you.

Position 7: Fruition.

Achievements, maturation, fulfillment, satisfaction, success. Things are right with your world. This is the first harvest. What are you thankful for? A challenging card reveals an opportunity for growth that will make you strong. “No pain, no gain,” the old saying goes.

Christine then goes on to say that to complete the Lughnasadh reading, you can meditate with the cards, write a journal entry, keep the cards on the altar until Mabon, or simply close.

Have a blessed Lughnasadh to those who celebrate!

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