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A Tarot Spread for the Full Moon

(This post was penned before I left and is set to automatically post on the Full Moon).

Since I posted a spread earlier this month during the New Moon, I thought I’d follow up by posting a Full Moon Spread. This spread was posted on Aeclectic back in 2003 by Eowyn from Chile. Give it a try for the full moon tonight…

The Layout is as follows:

Full Moon Tarot Spread Image

1 – What can be seen with clarity, so bright that it can even blind you

2 – What gets completed. What closes a cycle.

3 – What begins to fade away, to darken, to abandon you… or what needs to be.

0 – Yourself.  Shadow card, from the base of the deck.

Below are the results of my reading using the Gaian Tarot:

1 – What can be seen with clarity, so bright that it can even blind you: 6 of Fire

A card of celebration! Yes, as I am heading out on a much needed vacation, this card certainly makes sense – definitely time to celebrate and play around the fire, which I hope to accomplish during this time. I can see that it is time to let loose, to leave my “work worries” behind and have fun; otherwise, burnout may be the result.  I think this card may also a reminder to me of the importance of my community.  While work certainly is important, it must never take the place of people and the community to which I belong…and I do realize that I sometimes get so busy and wrapped up in my work that I tend neglect that community.  I was just thinking about this the other day and lo & behold, it pops up.

2 – What gets completed. What closes a cycle: 8 of Fire

To me, this is a card of rapid movement, of intense activity, which has pretty much been the case for me over the past few weeks. The 8 of Fire (equivalent of the 8 of Wands) often represents Internet communications, excessive e-mails, etc. and I do hope to extremely limit the time I need to be near a computer in the coming week. The intense activity that I have experienced the past month will be coming to a close and I’ll be able to breath deeply and relax.

3 – What begins to fade away, to darken, to abandon you… or what needs to be: The Builder

OK – this is the equivalent of the Emperor card and to me represents authority, control, discipline, and structure. Usually when this card pops up for me, it has to do with my business. I have been working like mad the past few weeks – intense concentration and focus has been part of my daily routine so I am looking forward to leaving it behind. In this position, I see this as a gentle reminder not to try to “micro-manage” while I am away. In other words, I need to give it a rest, get out of the “manager mindset” and just relax. I promised myself that the purpose of this getaway would be to put all stress-inducers behind me for awhile – and this card is a reminder to keep that promise.

0 – Yourself.  Shadow card, from the base of the deck: Explorer of Earth

This card represents me and signifies a need to get back in touch with nature, to get away from technology for a bit and instead, focus on my relationship with the earth, which is what I definitely intend on doing during the next week (plan on spending a lot of time hiking, biking and hopefully boating). I think the message here is to keep this energy with me even when I get back – and in so doing, I won’t feel so harried and disconnected as I do at times. I know that I am not spending enough time in nature. More balance is needed. I’m hoping this trip will server as a refresher of sorts and help me to find some balance. All work and no play make for a boring boy!

It’s kind of interesting to note that all of the cards representing that which is fading away or completing are fire cards – and the card the represents “me” is an earth card. A lot of energy around me is going to be released in the coming days and I hopefully will experience – and enjoy – a much calmer period. In light of what’s coming up for me, the reading makes perfect sense – all the energy and action of the new moon is reaching a peak (as it did today!) and now, I can look forward to a respite – perfect timing for my mini-vacation.

My full Moon spread


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