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About Me

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My name is Roger and I’m a professional Tarot Reader and fiction writer.  I’m also the guy who runs this blog.  Read on to find a bit more about me….

A brief background:

I was raised in Upper Michigan but left home when I was 16 to move to Milwaukee (the big city!).  There, I went to the university and received my BA degree in Psychology and French and my MA in Foreign Language and Literature.  While studying, I worked several years at a Crisis Hotline called “Dial HELP” where I received invaluable training in counseling.  This was my first experience helping and counseling others and it was at this time that I knew such work was my calling.

I currently live in Milwaukee, WI although I spent a year in Florida and a year in Paris.   I’ve been reading Tarot for about 15 years and currently teach & read Tarot professionally.  In addition, I am a Reiki teacher, a wedding officiant and a writer.  In the past, I have worked as a computer software programmer, computer software trainer, and a French teacher.  I have spent most of my adult life as an entrepreneur so I am well versed in business and career issues.  These days however, I work as a full-time, professional Tarot consultant and writer – two of my true passions.

Some of my other interests include:  foreign languages, playing harp, earth-based spirituality, writing, hiking, bicycling, camping, black beer, travel and geeky stuff  (gadgets & computers).

Me and Tarot

I’ve been studying tarot cards for close to 20 years now and am passionate about it — I have quite an extensive collection of books and decks.  I never planned on becoming a collector – it just kind of turned out that way.  As my friend Inger Lise would say, “they somehow sneak through the back door!”

I have studied with The Tarot School and am currently a member of the Tarosophy Tarot Association. My readings combine using the tarot cards and my intuitive ability to help people improve their lives.   My choice-centered consultations are aimed at helping others to obtain clarity when dealing with life’s challenges  – to guide people to create the life they want by making workable and empowering choices.  In this way, I aim to help people reach their creative potential and to find their authentic self.

My readings can cover any area of inquiry, tailored to your individual questions – relationship, finance, career, life changes, spirituality, marriage, divorce and more.  Using the cards, I will look at how you can become more effective in your life and to get where you want to be – to help you to transition into new areas and away from those areas that are not serving your best interest or highest good.  My consultations are for creative, motivated clients who are ready to make a positive change in their lives and to explore new possibilities.

I do not use “mumbo-jumbo” during consultations but rather serve as a guide to help you find balance and to explore new directions in your life.  My readings are compassionate, upbeat and friendly, yet practical, sensible and non-nonsense.  Rather than “tell fortunes”, I use the cards and my intuitive ability  to “create fortunes” – to work with you on creating and achieving tangible goals in your life – to turn your life around and bring you empowerment.

I currently do readings via e-mail, in-person, by phone or via Skype.

I consider it an honor to be of service to you!

This Blog

I’ve always been a teacher ….and a lifelong student so figured that the blog portion of this site would be the perfect way for me to give back to the Tarot community that has given me so much.  So my goal here is to hopefully help others who are just beginning their Tarot journey – as well as those who are experienced Tarot readers, as we all have things to teach each others.

I hope for this blog to also serve as a resource – a place where folks can find Tarot book reviews, deck reviews, as well as tips, techniques and tidbits for reading the cards.  This will also be where I’ll announce any upcoming classes that I will be teaching and well as my own books.

So sit back and explore a bit.  I hope you enjoy the blog!

Roger (AKA Tarot Dude)
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