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Book Review: Tarot Diva


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Awhile back, Sasha Graham was a guest on the Beyond Worlds podcast during which she spoke about her new book “Tarot Diva: Ignite Your Intuition * Glamourize Your Life * Unleash Your Fabulousity” which peaked my curiosity.  I am always on the lookout for books that take a unique and fresh approach to the Tarot and Tarot Diva definitely fits the bill.

The book is quirky, funny, accessible, modern, almost at times irreverent but at the same time educational. You will look at Tarot differently after reading this book and will have fun doing so – at least I did.

Graham opens up the first chapter of the book with the following:

“My heartfelt belief is that tarot is meant to do two things in our lives: one, tarot – more than a deck of cards – is an experiential formulation meant to be lived and breathed; and two, tarot can be used as an instrument of massive internal growth, revealing the direction our hearts want us to follow.

In this book, Graham indeedt teaches us how to live the tarot intimately and how to bring tarot into the 21st century. Rather than another book of stuffy tarot meanings and tarot spreads, she provides us with ideas and examples of:

  • Tarot Meditations
  • Card Explanations
  • Exercises
  • Recipes
  • Spells
  • Charms
  • Tarot and Fashion
  • Tarot ethics
  • Self Healing
  • Infusing the card in everyday life
  • Inspirational quotes from famous folks
  • Tarot symbolism
  • And much, much more!

The exercises in the book contain a plethora of practical advice and can really help you to connect to the energy of the cards – to learn and experience them intimately. For example, you will learn how to equate the cards to wardrobe styles, cooking styles, foods, and even learn recipes for the cards. You will learn to use the energy of the cards for charms and spells to better your everyday life. You can try the Two of Swords Milk Moon Bath, the Four of Swords inner peace meditation, learn some wardrobe styles for The Devil card, cook The Fool’s Croque Madame, bring in money using the Ten of Pentacles Financial Windfall Spell and learn gratitude using the Ace of Swords. The goodies in this book are endless!

The author associates the cards with the events and people in our everyday lives in a way that makes sense. One of my personal favorite sections is the chapter on Court Card Energy. Here, she takes each of the Knights and lists his personality type, classes he excels in, after-school job and extracurricular activities. I don’t think I have ever thought of the Knight of Swords as “The Bad Boy” or the Knight of Wands as “The Jock”. She makes the court cards easy to understand and provide many examples of real life situations to help the reader better understand their energy.

The chapters in the book are:

How to Use Tarot Diva Welcome to the Diva’s Chamber Diva Power Questions Tarot Intuition Choosing your Deck Creating Sacred Space Tarot Charms Tarot’s Mysterious Past Super Sexy Tarot Divas What is an Archetype Knowing Your Majors and Minors Time to Suit Up Divalicious Definitions Kitchen Tarot Major Stylista Understanding Court Card Energy Suit of Pentacles Suit of Cups Suit of Swords Suit of Wands Funtastic Divinations and Readings A Little Black Book of Shadows A Final Word A Diva Dictionary A Diva Bibliography A Diva Index

I found this to be a fun, refreshing approach to the tarot and feel that even seasoned readers will benefit from Tarot Diva. Don’t be put off by the “Diva” in the title – this book is a brilliant resource and Ms. Graham has crafted a wonderfully creative work in Tarot Diva which brings tarot into the modern age. Recommended!!

Check out Tarot Diva HERE Tarot Diva is also available for the Kindle

Check out Sasha’s Tarot Diva Blog HERE

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