Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

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21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card Journey

Step 0 – Getting Acquainted
Step 1 – Name
Step 2 – Description
Step 3 – Emotion
Step 4 – Story
Step 5 – Number
Step 6 – Mode, Suit, Element
Step 7 – Synthesis
Step 8 – Metaphor
Step 9 – Query & Snapshots
Step 10 – Description
Step 11 – Range
Step 12 – Modification
Step 13 – Symbols
Step 14 – Dignity and Theme
Step 15 – Dialog
Step 16 – Drawing
Step 17 – Embodiment
Step 18 – Imagination 
Step 19 – Myth & Archetypes
Step 20 – Deck Comparison
Step 21 – The Possible Self  

Articles and Techniques

The Black Cat and the Queen of Wands
Determining Timing in Tarot  
How to use a Daily Draw Worksheet
How to Remember the Celtic Cross Positions
Interpreting a Tarot Card – Literally!
Missing Elements in a Tarot Reading   
The Power of the One-Card Daily Draw
Tarot as a Healing Profession
Using a Shadow Card in your Readings  


Artist’s Way and Tarot

New Blog Activity – The Artist’s Way and Tarot
The Artist’s Way – What Is It?
The Artist’s Way – the 10 Basic Principles
The Basic Tools – Part 1
The Basic Tools – Part 2
Recovering a Sense of Safety: Shadow Artists
Core Negative Beliefs
Who Are Your Monsters?
Recovering a Sense of Identity
Crazymakers in Your Life
Battling the Skeptic
Pay Attention!
Anger is Your Friend
Shame On You!
Who Are You, Really?
To Dream The Impossible Dream
Falling Into the Virtue Trap
Recovering a Sense of Abundance  

Book Reviews

Nick’s Awakening – My Latest Tarot Novel
Psychic Tarot
Robin Wood Tarot: The Book
Rogue Series – Fun Tarot Fiction
Tarot Diva
Tarot MasterClass
Tarot Beyond the Basics
Tarot Plain and Simple
The White Magic Five and Dime – A Tarot Mystery

Deck Interviews

Interview with the Dark Goddess Tarot
Interview with the Steampunk Tarot
Interview with the Wildwood Tarot 


Deck Reviews

Complete Arthurian Tarot  
DruidCraft Tarot

Gaian Tarot
Gay Tarot
Ghost Tarot
Healing Light Tarot
Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Psychic Tarot
Robin Wood Tarot
Sol Invictus: The God Tarot

The Wizards Tarot


Tarot 101

What is Tarot?
How to Shuffle a Tarot Deck
Shuffling for Reversals
Structure of a Tarot Deck Part 1: The Major Arcana 
Structure of a Tarot Deck Part 2: The Minor Arcana
Structure of a Tarot Deck Part 3: The Court Cards
Tarot Decks vs Oracle Decks
How to Choose the Right Tarot Deck
Keeping a Tarot Journal
Generating Tarot Card Meanings
A Look at the Myths Surrounding Tarot
Tarot Myth #1: Reading For Yourself  

Tarot Myth #2:  Tarot Always Tells Us What Will Happen
Tarot Myth #3:  You Must Never Buy Your Own Tarot Deck!   



Tarot Experiments

Tarot Financial Abundance Experiment


Tarot Spreads

Back to School Spread
Balancing Act Spread
Birthday Spread

Full Moon Spread
Golden Tarot Horseshoe Spread
Happiness Spread
Head, Heart and Hands Spread
New Moon Spread

Interview with a New Deck Spread
Karmic Insight Spread
A Lughnasadh Spread
Lover Spread: The Creative Process    
Magical Lottery Spread

Metamorphosis Spread
Monthly, Daily & Weekly Spreads that Provide Tons of Info   
New Deck Spread

Pathway Spread
Roger’s Daily Spread
Samhain Spread

Sorcerer Spread:  The Magic Mirror of Self-Reflection
Starting a New Business Spread  
Spirits of the Circle Spread
Thanksgiving Spread
Tough Situation Spread
Unblocking Your Intuition Spread


Thoth Tarot

 Journey into the Thoth Tarot