Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

Code of Ethics

I take honesty and ethics very seriously and am highly committed to the highest standards of professionalism.  Below is my personal code of ethics.  If you have any questions or concerns on anything contained within them, please feel free to contact me.

My Personal Code of Ethics and Conduct

  1. I will be honest and upfront about what Tarot can and cannot do for you.  I will take the role of an educator with my clients, informing them about the capabilities and limitations of the Tarot.
  2. All fees and times will be clearly stated and agreed upon before beginning the reading. If, at the time of the reading, a client is not satisfied with the level of my knowledge, my ability to communicate the pertinent information of the cards, or otherwise dissatisfied with the way the session is conducted (not related to the actual content of the reading, which may or may not be objectively judged by the client), I will refund my fee or make other arrangements to the client’s satisfaction.  Once the session has ended, however, I am not responsible for any outcomes; you, the client, are.
  3. I will make it clear to my client that the Tarot merely suggests the current energies surrounding a particular situation or issue at the time of the reading and will use the Tarot to provide insight into issues operating around the client’s questions.  While the Tarot may suggest a probable outcome due to the surrounding influences in your life at the time the cards are drawn, it is important to realize that each choice we make changes that outcome.   It is up to the client to use what we may discover through our Tarot reading to activate positive changes in his or her life.
  4. I will make it clear to my client that everything I tell him or her is advice and it is up to him or her to follow what they believe is the best path. Because what I tell the client is only advice, I am not responsible for any actions he or she takes as a result of the reading.
  5. All Tarot readings will be held in the strictest of confidence.  I will never divulge what was said during a Tarot reading unless otherwise requested by the client or required by a court of law.  Personal information disclosed during the reading will be held in the strictest confidence.  To protect my client’s privacy, in most cases, I will not conduct a reading with anyone other than one client present.
  6. I will  not answer questions that I am not capable of answering.
  7. I do not answer questions concerning health, legal or financial matters.  These are matters that need to be addressed with the appropriate healthcare, legal or financial professionals.  I will not give any professional advice related to these fields or any other field in which I am not qualified, and I will make referrals to such professionals should this become necessary during a reading.
  8. I will not attempt to predict winning lottery numbers, predict how a stock or investment will do, or interpret any reading to represent death or illness.
  9. I welcome people from all spiritual paths, ethnic heritages and cultures, regardless of sexual preference or personal background.  I come from a place of non-judgment, compassion, and sensitivity during every reading.  I will never push my spiritual beliefs upon a client or in any way dishonor a client’s spiritual beliefs.
  10. My clients will never be asked to make any additional purchases or be exploited for my own personal or financial gain.
  11. I believe that tarot allows us to recognize and change unseen patterns in our lives in order to achieve better outcomes. I believe Free Will overrides fate and that we are in control of our future with the daily decisions we make. I recommend every person act according to his/her own conscience for the greater good of all concerned. You alone are responsible for your own behavior. Any decisions you make, or actions you take as a result of your readings are entirely your own responsibility.
  12. I will encourage my clients to ask questions, write their thoughts down, or record the reading as it transpires, so as to facilitate the client’s understanding of the nature of the reading and any insight or enlightenment it may reveal.
  13. I will respect my clients’ right to refuse or terminate their reading at any time, regardless of prior consent.
  14. I will answer all questions asked of me with total honesty. I will not, under any circumstances, distort the meaning of a reading to lessen its emotional impact on my client, or to make a particular outcome seem more likely than it really is. I will empower my client by showing him areas for change and growth – not by altering the meaning of the reading.
  15. I will not allow my client to become dependent on me for advice. I will make it clear to my client that his life is his to life, and that I will not make his decisions for him.
  16. I reserve the right to terminate a reading at any point if I feel that my client is being disrespectful, in any way, to me or my profession.
  17. Whenever I feel that I cannot answer my client’s question, either because the question violates my code of ethics or lies outside the scope of my experience, I will honestly tell them why I am not able to read for them and terminate the reading. I will not make up answers or tell the client what they want to hear.
  18. I will not delve into the personal lives of others.
  19. Readings cannot be provided for those under the age of 18 unless accompanied by or requested by a parent.
  20. I reserve the right to refuse any reading that does not adhere to my personal code of ethics.
  21. I believe in and follow my code of ethics at all times.