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Daily Tarot Map for April 19, 2015 (Video)

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Hello everyone!

This is Your Daily Tarot Map for Sunday, April 19th, 2015 – Using Tarot to create the life you want

This week we’re going to be working with a deck created a couple of years back by one of my favorite Tarot authors: James Ricklef – and the name of the deck is Tarot of the Masters. Last I heard, James still has copies of his deck available from his website at:

The three cards drawn today were: the 6 of Cups, the Youth of Swords and the Emperor

The three cards

So we start out the week with the lovely 6 of Cups, which depicts two children collecting fireflies (Correction: this is actually two children lighting paper lanterns). This is a card typically associated with friendship, harmony, nostalgia, childhood memories and sharing with others. While this is a lovely card symbolizing the innocence of youth, it can also be a warning to not try to live too much in the past. So many of us try to recapture the past and end up disappointed because it’s not the same. While it can be pleasant to relive those favorite events from the past, I see this card as suggesting that it may be time to put the past behind and move on to something new.

And that something new is represented by our second card, the Youth of Swords or the Page or Princess in other decks. The Youth of Swords in this spread has her back facing the Six of Cups, in essence, putting the past behind her. Though she is taking the culmination of those past experiences with her as part of her experience of wisdom, she is not stuck in the past and does not allow the past to dictate her future. She does not allow past events or traumas to prevent her from following the path she wants. Thus, it might be time to release those preconceived notions about what you can and cannot do and instead, focus on a new future.

Once we stop feeling like a victim and take control, we can look to the future with a newfound clarity, as suggested by the Emperor, the ultimate card of being in control. The Emperor is someone who decides his own fate – who forms his future himself. That is to say, he doesn’t not allow past circumstances or past misfortunes to hold him back. He is the Emperor. He takes charge and responsibility for his own future and in doing so, creates the future he wants.

So today’s message from these three cards is:

“Call back the energy you are wasting on painful events of the past. It’s time to grow past those old experiences and create a new beginning. “

Today’s advice comes from the Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid and the card drawn randomly from the deck is number 17: Ghostlands

We’ve seen this card come up just recently in reference to the past and future, both places where we should not be living. These are places where nothing truly can happen for it is only in the present that we can initiate true change in our lives. The ghostlands are only places we should visit temporarily – they are not somewhere where one takes up a long-term residence.

This idea supports nicely today’s message in that: there comes a time when it’s time to stop living in or trying to recreate the past and instead, move into the present. Once we do so, we can begin creating the future we want.

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  • Hi Roger,
    Thank you for featuring my deck! (Yes, I do still have copies of this deck available. See —
    Just one tiny, little correction: actually the children in the 6 of Cups image are lighting paper lanterns. However, I do like the fact that what you saw in it was them collecting fireflies — especially since I have a very fond childhood memory of doing just that once.
    Bright Blessings!
    James Ricklef

    • Hi James,
      Thanks for pointing that out. Funny, all these years I always saw them as collecting fireflies. I guess I was projecting my own childhood memories into the cards.

      • One of the great things about art is that it allows for interpretation, and that’s one of the strengths of Tarot as well. So whether or not the artist intended it, if YOU see it there, then it IS there… for you.

        • Agreed – that’s definitely the beauty of Tarot and what makes it so relevant to each individual. 🙂

      • PS: What better card to project childhood memories on to? 😉


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