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Daily Tarot Map for April 20, 2015 (Video)

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This is Your Daily Tarot Map for Monday, April 20th, 2015 – Using Tarot to create the life you want

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This week, we are working with the deck Tarot of the Masters by James Ricklef.

The three cards drawn today were: the: 6 of Coins, the Ace of Wands and the 6 of Swords

The three cards

The number 6 dominates our spread today, with this number indicating balance, responsibility, harmony and love. In relation to today’s draw, the theme of today’s reading seems to be that of to be helping others, as first illustrated by the 6 of Coins.

There are many folks who believe that it is only when we give to others that we may receive in return. That is to say, that if we give of our time or money, the universe opens up to us and brings us abundance in return. This has been my experience as well. So this card is about sharing those resources you have with others, whether they be time, knowledge, power, money or expertise. It’s a call to help others if you are in a position to do so, it’s about generosity and sharing

As you do so, new opportunities may arise for you as indicated by our second card, the Ace of Wands. As we mentioned, new doors begin to open for you as you open your heart and help those in need. Now this could also be in relation to your work or your personal life – perhaps giving the underdog a chance to earn your business or even taking on an apprentice. The moment you begin to share, you might be surprised how things begin happening in your favor.

This message is further reinforced by the 6 of Swords. The imagery of this card is typically that of a boatman transporting one or more people away from a difficult situation. Most people look at this card and interpret it from the point of view of the people being helped. That is, moving away from your troubles. But in today’s context, I see its message coming from the point of view of the boatman. That is to say, that helping others in time of need may result in major positive changes in their life and YOU can be the one to bring those changes about. Many times, we underestimate how much a small deed or gesture can truly affect the lives of others. Has anyone ever helped you in this way? If so, it might be time to pay if forward.

So today’s message from these three cards is:

“Sometimes it is the smallest of gestures that make the most difference in the lives of others. Open your heart to help others and the universe will open its doors for you in return.”

Today’s advice comes from the Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid and the card drawn randomly from the deck is number 15: One-Ring Circus

The one-ring circus card is about independence and the ability to pull things off on your own. This card says that you do have the necessary competence to accomplish your goals so no need to hesitate. It may be time to branch off on your own or move things up to the next level.

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