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Daily Tarot Map for January 16, 2016

This is Your Daily Tarot Map for Saturday January 16, 2016 – Using Tarot To Create the Life you want (transcript below).


Today, we conclude our work with the Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso as tomorrow, we begin working with a new deck for the coming week.

So the three cards drawn randomly from the Crystal Visions Tarot today were: 2 of Pentacles [ID], 3 of Swords, Seven of Wands

The three cards from the Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

The first card is our draw is the 2 of Pentacles, which typically points to juggling several different tasks or options at once to maintain order. However, this card is ill-dignified by the air card next to it so rather than being able to successfully maneuver these things, you may instead be having a rather tough time of it.

It can point to being spread too thin and feeling that you simply cannot manage the situation much longer. Maybe your boss is having you work 70 hour weeks or you’re using your MasterCard to pay your Visa. You know, this card can often point to the inability to keep your feet on the ground in regards to finances. So maybe those Christmas bills have finally made an appearance in your mailbox.

The result of all this: is stress, possibly even feelings of loss or failure, as suggested by the second card in our draw, the 3 of Swords. This is typically an unwelcome card in a reading as it can signify sadness, heartbreak or painful emotions. The feelings of overwhelm that many of you may be experiencing could certainly lead to the darker emotions we see associated with this card.

This can lead to brooding, anger, bitterness and feeling sorry for ourself which never helps in such matters. I find that the more we dwell on our troubles and what we perceive to be our failure, the deeper the knife digs into our chest.

So a recommended plan of action is nicely depicted in our last card, the 7 of Wands in which we see a figure atop of a dragon, facing six blazing wands below. Though it looks like our hero is outnumbered, he or she is actually in an advantageous position. She in above them and is riding a dragon.

So what I’m seeing here is the need to not let your situation overwhelm you but instead, get back in the game. Rather than try to take on everything at once, it’s often best to fight one battle at a time. That is to say, put your attention on only one area of your responsibilities that’s causing you stress and give your full attention to it.

Once that’s been managed, move on to the next. Yes, you may have to let some things go for now, causing you to scramble to catch up later on, but that’ something we all have to face from time to time. What’s key here I think, is that you don’t let the situation control you but rather you take control of the situation.

So the message today for these three cards is:

“You may not be able to prevent the storms from coming but you can determine how much and how long they’ll affect you. Putting your attention on one battle one at a time can put you in an advantageous position.”

So today’s advice card comes from The Symbolon Deck and the card drawn randomly from the deck was: Disagreement

Disagreement card from the Symbolon Deck

Well, this card certainly is relevant today in light of the three cards we’ve just seen. Much like the first two cards in our reading, the disagreement card is about disharmony, clash, stress and being off-kilter. The Disagreement card doesn’t necessarily even pertain to person but could suggest a situation that is causing your grief and upset.

I think the same advice applies here: find what it is that’s causing you the most grief and put you attention on that until it is back in your control. Then, move on to the next. You also may find that open, truthful conversation may work in your favor and may even give the extra time you need.

That’s your Daily Tarot Map for today. Brightest Blessings!

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