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Daily Tarot Map for January 21, 2016

This is Your Daily Tarot Map for Thursday January 21, 2016 – Using Tarot To Create the Life you want (transcript below).


Today, we continue our work with the Japaridze Tarot by Nino Japaridze.

So the three cards drawn randomly from the Japaridze Tarot today were: 10 of Tides, Jester of Fire, 10 of Winds

The three cards from the Japaridze Tarot by Nino Japaridze

The first card in our draw today is the 10 of Tides, the equivalent of the 10 of Cups. This card is usually associated with happiness, joy, contentment and satisfaction. It’s a card of fulfillment – of unconditional love. You may have noticed that I said “usually”.

That’s because this water card is ill-dignified by the fire card next to it, which is the Jester of Fire, the equivalent of the Page of Wands. The thing that immediately popped into my head was the phrase “playing with fire” which is exactly what our Jester is doing in this image.

Given that he is causing our happiness card to be poorly aspected, suggests to me that there may be someone around you today – or in your life – who is causing you distress.

This person may not have your best interests at heart and I see him or her as sort of an instigator, maybe even a bully of sorts. The fire in his hand suggests that you may have already been burnt by this person.

Now this person may not have malicious intent, they may be simply out for attention. Or they may simply be a jerk. There are plenty of those out there. Whatever their reasoning, today’s card seem to want you to be aware of this and so you may wish to deal with it in an appropriate manner.

Now our last card is the 10 of Winds, the equivalent of the 10 of Swords, in which we see bats roosting in a tree as the sun rises in the background. Given that this card is numbered 10, the second 10 in this draw, tells me that it’s time to bring this matter to a close.

If this person’s behavior is not dealt with appropriately – and perhaps brought to the attention of anyone else involved – then the situation may escalate.

Now this may not even be in regards to a person per se but to a dicey situation in general. Whatever it is, today’s cards seem to be advising you bring it to a close now in order to avoid more emotional stress down the road.

So the message today for these three cards is:

Rude or malicious behavior can dampen the mood of everyone around. It may need to be dealt with in order to restore calm to the environment.

So today’s advice card comes from the Enchanted Map Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid and the card drawn randomly from the deck was: Golden Palace

Golden palace from the Enchanted Map Oracle

I like the appearance of the beautiful Golden Palace card here today. I see this card illustrating our immediate environment or at least our idea of the ideal environment. If your normally peaceful atmosphere is being disturbed or disrupted by the person or situation mentioned above, then this card is to let you know that peace can be restored. If there is something amiss in your palace today, then it might behoove you to no longer ignore it. You may need to take action to restore the peace.

That’s your Daily Tarot Map for today. Brightest Blessings!

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