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Daily Tarot Map for July 1, 2015

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This is Your Daily Tarot Map for Wednesday, July 1, 2015 – Using Tarot to create the life you want.

Wow – July already. Can you believe it? Summer is in full swing.

This week, we continue working with The Robin Wood Tarot, created and illustrated by Robin Wood.

The three cards drawn today randomly from the deck were: Death, Ace of Swords, The World

The three cards from the Robin Wood Tarot

So you’re happily wandering along your path, not a care in the world when boom! Death is suddenly blocking your way and pointing, forcing you to take a different direction. I have to say that I think this is my favorite card in the Robin Wood deck. As we know, tarot’s Death card does not represent physical death. But that doesn’t mean something in your life isn’t going to – or should – die. Death represents a closure of a cycle or phase in your life and oftentimes, this isn’t an easy transition.

What the Death card represents, is the need to cut away obstacles and the useless part of one’s life and move on. I sometimes call this the “Letting Go” card as it can point to a need to let go of that which no longer serves us. This could be a job we hate, an ex that constantly haunts our thoughts or even anger and resentment that still bubbles inside of us. It asks you to let go of attitudes or beliefs that are not for your highest good and as such, often symbolizes the closing of a door on part of your life.

Instead, you are urged to turn your mind and thoughts to more beneficial matters, as suggested by our second card, the Ace of Swords. This is a chance for you to cut through the rubbish and clutter that has perhaps too long occupied your thoughts and instead, step back and see things with new clarity. I often refer to this card as the “cutting the garbage from your life” card and in light of this card paired with Death, this is the meaning I see for this card here. This is the turning point where your thinking shifts towards thought patterns that no longer harm you, but instead help you.

This idea of cycles ending and new ones beginning is well illustrated in our last card, The World. The World card is the epitome of endings and new beginnings, especially when this card shows up on the table with Death. The World card brings with it long-term happiness and fulfillment so though it may be tough right now to let go of those things in our life that are no longer serving us, ultimately it’s in our best interest and our life will be richer as a result.

So the message for these three cards is:

“Endings are not a bad thing for they mean that something new is about to begin. There comes a time when it is in our best interest to close the door, end the chapter, let go and begin anew. “

Today’s advice comes from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards and the card drawn randomly from the deck is number 38: Weaver of Words

Weaver of words card from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards

The Weaver of Words represents small ideas with huge potential, about ideas taking off and manifesting something in your life. We can easily tie this in with the Ace of Swords in today’s draw as they both represent the power of words and thoughts. This may be reinforcing the ideas of letting go of those negative thought patterns from the past and pouring that energy into new, exciting ideas and possibilities. So today, keep in mind the dual power of words & thoughts, for they have the power to both destroy or to elevate.

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  • Thank you – that is a good reading that relates to me today. I also pulled one card from my own tarot deck and I got death too. Amazing. Your readings are very clearly presented. Thank you

    • Thanks so much Leslie! I’m glad you’re finding the readings helpful.


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