Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

Daily Tarot Map for July 27, 2015

This is Your Daily Tarot Map for Monday, July 27, 2015 – Using Tarot to create the life you want (transcript below).


This week, we are working with The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan with the cards illustrated by Mark Evans.

The three cards drawn today randomly from the deck were: 8 of Pentacles, King of Swords, 4 of Cups

The three cards from the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans

Commitment and discipline are the keywords for today, as suggested by our first card, the Eight of Pentacles. The 8 of Pentacles is the card of the apprentice and as such, point to ideas such as will, determination, developing skills and personal tenacity. It’s a card of learning so if you’ve been thinking of progressing down a new path or dipping your toes in the waters of a new career, you’ll need to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn.

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with persistence. However, this earthy card is ill-dignified by the airy card next to it so you may have the dream, you may have the drive but you are lacking. Everything is still in conceptual mode rather than in the process of manifestation. Things simply may not be moving.

You see, persistence is not always enough. We need vision as well, as suggested by our second card, the King of Swords. I’ve seen many folks say they want to create, claim that they’re determined to start their own business, but they have no idea what to create. The King of Swords is about ideas, brainstorming and, as we saw with our last card, persistence. He knows what he wants and goes after it, confident in his ability to succeed.

So if your vision is not entirely clear or if your future plans are still a bit on the murky side, let your mind wander and see what you can come up with. Using associative thinking or brainstorming is an excellent way to generate new ideas. Once you come up with ideas, how do you develop them? Now that’s the fun part!

Our last card, the 4 of Cups, brings with it ideas of boredom and dissatisfaction. But that’s can be a good thing! Dissatisfaction is often essential to the creative process and gives us initiative to change our situation. Use the energy of the past two cards to come up with ideas to move you to a place where you’d like to be. But you have to believe in yourself and your ability to change things.

I’ve heard it said that creativity is a self-fulfilling prophecy, that if you really believe you’re creative, you will be and vice-versa. So today might be time to get out of the funk you’ve been in, to think like a kid again. That is to say, let your imagination run wild. You might be surprised at the results.

So the message for these three cards is:

“Life is about trying things to see if they work — s0 if you come to a roadblock, take a detour. Our best ideas often come when we stretch our vision and approach a situation from a different angle.”

Today’s advice comes from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards and the card drawn randomly from the deck is number 47: Union

Union card from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards

The Union card is about bring two halves together to form a whole, about perhaps bringing two sides of ourself together. This idea supports the theme of today’s draw in that we may be feeling that there’s something missing from our life, that we are working hard but the results just aren’t there. Could it be that you’re simply lacking a clear vision of what you want to achieve? Work on attaining this vision that we mentioned a moment ago and then combine it with your will. The possibilities are endless.

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