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Daily Tarot Map for July 28, 2015

This is Your Daily Tarot Map for Tuesday, July 28, 2015 – Using Tarot to create the life you want (transcript below).


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This week, we are working with The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan with the cards illustrated by Mark Evans.

The three cards drawn today randomly from the deck were: 10 of Swords, Ace of Wands, Page of Swords

The three cards from the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans

When one door closes, another one opens. That seems to be the theme of today’s reading, especially with the 10 and the Ace right next to each other.

Our first card, the 10 of Swords is one of those cards whose appearance is most unwelcome in a reading as it brings with it such notions as hitting rock bottom, betrayal, despair, hopelessness and the inability to cope one more moment. It’s getting cut off at the knees and feeling as though there are no more options. Pretty grim, no? Well, the good news is, is that the 10 of Swords is also a card of culmination and completion and it’s appearance signifies an end to suffering.

So if you find yourself in a painful situation, the end of it is near….or at least it should be. You might need to bring an unhealthy, toxic situation to a close yourself. This could be a relationship, a job or even a group of back-stabbing vipers in your circle of acquaintances. Now if this situation has been forced upon you, know that it’s only temporary and may even be a blessing in disguise. I was once a victim of a company-wide layoff and though I was absolutely devastated at the time, it was one of the best things that could have happened to me as it motivated me to branch off onto my own.

Notice the sunrise in the background of the card. With the beginning of a new day brings new opportunities, an idea supported by our second card, the Ace of Wands. Just as 10’s symbolize endings, so do Ace’s symbolize new beginnings, new opportunities and new inspiration.

The stagnation of the 10 of Wands ends, as the Ace brings with it a surge of new energy and movement. This might be a new business opportunity, a new house, a new relationship, a new creative path or even a drastic lifestyle change. There are opportunities available for you – you just have to be willing to take the first steps.

In other words, quick, decisive action is necessary, as suggested by our last card, the Page of Swords. As the Pages in the Tarot are all about new beginnings as well, I feel that this card nicely supports the theme of the draw thus far. When the Page of Swords appears in a reading, it often advises that firm, purposeful action is necessary. This is not the time to be waiting around or hesitating. It might also be a call for you to cut away any ties that are binding you to that situation we saw in the 10 of Swords. I’m getting the idea here of a clean break. Are you ready to make one?

So the message for these three cards is:

“When we hit rock bottom or feel that there’s no way out, it is then that life explodes with new opportunities. When it does, grab ahold of them with confidence and hope.”

Today’s advice comes from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards and the card drawn randomly from the deck is number 59: Hero

Hero card from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards

Well, we certainly couldn’t have asked for a more relevant card for today’s advice card. The Hero, though depicted here standing in the pouring rain amidst dark, stormy skies, is ready to embark on a new adventure, putting adversity behind him. He’s forging a new path, perhaps the path of liberation as signified by the break of light in the sky. He’s ready to enter into the unknown and the only thing that lies ahead of him are possibilities and potentials. So if you’re called to switch paths, do so with confidence and with the spirit of a true adventurer. For what else is life, if not one gigantic adventure?

That’s your Daily Tarot Map for today. Thank you for reading & brightest blessings!

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