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Daily Tarot Map for June 24, 2015

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This is Your Daily Tarot Map for Wednesday, June 24, 2015 – Using Tarot to create the life you want.

Today, we continue our work with our deck of the week: The Tarot of Sevenfold Mystery, created by Robert M. Place.

The three cards drawn today randomly from the deck were: Knight of Cups, Psyche, Queen of Swords.

The three cards

We have two cups representing quests right next to each other today, with the first being our romantic Knight of Cups. He’s the archetypal prince-charming, your knight in shining armor, someone who will whisk you off your feet with promises of love and beauty.

But he can be much more. He’s also the quester for information but the information he seeks typically lies in the realm of the matters of the heart: emotions, love and romance. This doesn’t even necessarily have to be a person as it could represent searching for your heart’s desire, searching for meaning in your life or searching for fulfillment. I often see it as riding towards your life purpose.

The search continues with our next card, Psyche, the Waite-Smith equivalent of The Chariot. It’s interesting the depiction in this card of Psyche the driver, holding the reins of will and appetite. So there is movement here but it is controlled movement – or at least attempted control.

With the Knight of Cups, oftentimes emotions run wild and out of control. We WILL go after our dreams and damned the consequences! With the Psyche card however, we are trying to rein in our appetites and will and bring them under control. This can suggest eliminating the distractions – all those things that draw away our attention from the goal.

The Knight’s horse has picked up speed in this card and there is more of a sense of urgency and single-mindedness. Sometimes, we do need to charge in at full speed in order to overcome our fear, doubts or that dreaded enemy, procrastination.

Our last card, the Queen of Swords, seems rather out of place in this watery, emotional spread. But her presence here is essential. She represents discipline and sound judgment but she also stands up for what she believes in. Though her choices may not be popular with those around her, she doesn’t care. When she makes a choice, she sticks to it.

Of course, she’s not one to act impulsively and makes choices only after thorough reflection so as such, she represents moving from the immature to the mature.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that our choices need to be what’s considered “wise” as deemed by society. Rather they should be ones that provide the greatest happiness and fulfillment.

Notice how both horses are this reading are heading to the right, towards the Queen of Swords. This tells me that you may be riding towards a momentous, life-changing decision. This might be a decision of doing what you love. So choose wisely.

So the message for these three cards is:

“Look to your desires for that’s where clarity lies. Once you begin moving towards your dreams, towards your purpose, it is there you will find true joy.”

Today’s advice comes from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards and the card drawn randomly from the deck is number 41: Conflict

Conflict card from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards

Well, this certainly isn’t a card we like to see when talking about following our heart but it is, nonetheless, an important one. If we begin to follow our heart and move towards our dreams or life purpose, we may encounter obstacles along the way. Circumstances may seem to slow us down or loved ones may vehemently oppose us. This is the point where so many people stop and abandon their dreams. They give up and thrown in the towel.

This card asks you to NOT become one of them. When strife, trouble or uncertainty comes your way, you will need to be even more determined and more focused. Use the energy of Psyche – of the Chariot – to help you continue to move ahead and know that no matter what obstacles you face, using will and determination will help you to overcome them.

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