Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

Daily Tarot Map for June 26, 2015

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Hello everyone!

This is Your Daily Tarot Map for Friday, June 26, 2015 – Using Tarot to create the life you want.

Today, we continue our work with with the beautifully illustrated The Tarot of Sevenfold Mystery, created by Robert M. Place.

The three cards drawn today randomly from the deck were: Psyche, The Star, 7 of Coins

The three cards from the Tarot of Sevenfold Mystery

Psyche makes another appearance in our daily draw showing up in first position today. If you recall, Psyche is the Waite-Smith equivalent of The Chariot and represents victory and success, but as a result of willpower, hard work, focus and determination. This card tells us that the reins are now in our hands and as long as we keep control, we should be able to accomplish our goals.

Now that we have momentum going, this card advises us to tend to any unfinished projects or plans, as well as any relationship issues that we may have been neglecting. Once you free ourself up, we open up our future to new possibilities. This is a time for overcoming difficulties and moving ahead through our own self-discipline and control.

We see this idea further reinforced by our second card, The Star, who has also appeared in our draw earlier this week. If you remember, The Star is about peace and forgiveness but it also brings liberation and freedom. Tending to those unfinished or neglected projects or relationships in our life can bring with it a feeling of release, as we rid yourself of that which no longer serves us.

Along with this, comes optimism and hope for the future. Once we’re are no longer bogged down with the past, we’re able to move unencumbered towards a new beginning. This might even be the time for us to give something back to the world, if that is your calling.

Our last card, the 7 of Coins, supports this idea of forward momentum. In the Tarot of Sevenfold Mystery, this card is depicted as a ladder of sorts, stages toward a goal or aim. As we ascend the ladder, we get closer to our goal. But what’s important here, is that we go through this ascension in stages – there are no shortcuts to take. So it can be said then that this is a card of patience and perseverance.

Though you may become impatient with the process, know that you’ll eventually see results for your efforts. You’re just going to have to put in the time. But with the energy of Psyche and The Star behind you, it look like you’re on the right path.

So the message for these three cards is:

“Tying up the loose ends in your life can make decisions easier and your goals clearer. Just be sure you don’t give up if things don’t happen quickly enough for you.”

Today’s advice comes from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards and the card drawn randomly from the deck is number 43: The Book of Destiny

Book of destiny from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards

This card is a reminder that our destiny is created only if we actively pursue it. Do you want to be a writer? Then write! Do you want to open up a restaurant? Then begin learning all you can about food service. Sure, lady luck can sometimes intervene but mostly, it is our actions that shape our destiny. So today, what steps can you take to begin shaping the destiny that you want?

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