Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

Daily Tarot Map for October 23, 2015

This is Your Daily Tarot Map for Friday, October 23, 2015 – Using Tarot to create the life you want (transcript below).

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This week, we are working with the Ghost Tarot, created by Davide Corsi.

So the three cards drawn randomly from the Ghost Tarot today were: Knight of Swords, 5 of Wands, 8 of Cups

The three cards from the Ghost Tarot by Davide Corsi

So the first card in our the draw today is the Knight of Swords. Here we see the ghostly figure of a knight on horseback, sword raised ready for battle. This card indicates swiftness, movement, and the need to charge forward. This is not someone who hesitates, but rather flies in, full speed ahead. So for some of you, today may be a bit on the hectic side. But not only that, you may find yourself being challenged or getting dragged into an argument or conflict of some kind.

This is supported by a second card, the Five of Wands. This is the second time this week that this card has made an appearance and it’s all about strife, confrontation, arguments, and struggles. So some of you may find yourself in the midst of a challenging situation today. In fact, you may even have a tendency to “stoke the fire” a bit, which is typical Knight of Swords behavior.

The caution here, is to maintain a level head no matter how escalated the situation becomes. We all have a tendency to lose our temper when emotions run high so today, perhaps a bit of extra restraint will be necessary.

The last card, the Eight of Cups, traditionally signifies walking away from an emotional situation. However, this card is ill-dignified by the fire card next to it so as such, I see it as telling us that now is not the time to leave a situation. Now antagonistic energy that we saw with the last couple of cards may cause us to want to throw our hands up in the air and walk away.

Don’t. Instead, work on recognizing the importance and value of the situation and see how you can improve things. And rather than charging in by yourself like the rash knight with his sword drawn, we may need to engage others and work with others. Try to see the situation from the point of view of the other people involved and see if you can find a common ground. I guess the key point here, is that no matter how challenging and difficult things may appear, they can be worked out, especially if the people involved can work together.

So the message today for these three cards is:

“Conflict avoidance is not the hallmark of good relationships, but knowing when to fight is just as important as knowing how. Conflict can and should be handled constructively, with all parties working on finding a middle ground.

The fall card from the Symbolon Deck

So today’s advice card comes from The Symbolon Deck and the card drawn randomly from the deck was: The Fall.

So the Fall card is about fall of the ego or loss of power. Somebody may have bested you in a situation. Perhaps you won’t come out the victor at the other end of those conflicts we mentioned a moment ago. I think this card can open our eyes and let us know that others have a right to be on top as well – to have their moment in the sun, and to always strive to win at all costs can make us look foolish, much like the jester we see depicted in this card. Sometimes we have to move aside and let our compatriots share in the glory. For that is what true teamwork is all about.

That’s your Daily Tarot Map for today. Brightest Blessings!

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