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Golden Tarot: Horseshoe Spread

As I am wrapping up last week’s work with the Golden Tarot, I thought I’d try a spread that was included in the companion book. The spread I chose was the Horseshoe Spread, an excellent spread for an in-depth look at a specific question or situation.

The layout of the spread is as follows:

Horseshoe cards

1 – The Past – The factors in the past that are having an ongoing effect on the situation in question.
2 – Present Situation – Current Factors that are known and obvious
3 – Hidden Influences – The factors currently affecting the situation of which the querent may not be aware (at least not on a conscious level).
4 – Obstacles – Impediments, both obvious and hidden, that may get in the querent’s way.
5. – House – The influence of close friends, family and others of importance to the querent.
6. Action – The best path to take in order to further the querent’s best interest in the matter.
7. The most likely outcome – This is the most important card in the layout. It indicates the final result if the path shown above is followed. If it is a Court card, it often represents an actual person.

A significator is then used to represent the querent or the situation and is placed face up in position 0. I used the Knight of Cups as my significator, a card which to me represents searching for your heart’s desire.

My question was: What can I do to improve my financial situation, while still doing work that feeds my soul?

Horseshoe spread for Golden Tarot image

PAST: Two of Coins

The Two of Coins often represents the juggling of certain aspects of your life – like finances for instance. Yes, I can relate to this. The thought of “spinning your wheels” popped into my head when I saw this card. This is a card of ups and downs and of trying to keep things in balance.


This card represents cutting through the junk and getting to the heart of the matter. It can suggest new ideas as well as inspiration, which is what I am in fact experiencing at the moment. I am ready to move onto a better situation financially and I do have a few ideas on how to achieve that. Of course, risk is involved which is often scary.


The Chariot is a card of movement – of moving forward through will and self-assertion. As a hidden influences card, this may be suggesting a need to take additional action – and in doing so, I should be able to overcome the obstacles that I am facing. For me, this card often represents achievement through hard work and could be telling me that things are starting to move along, as long as I stay focused on the goal.


This certainly is not a surprising card to have in the Obstacles position. The Devil card is about confronting our demons and taking control of them, instead of allowing them to control us. Often, this card points to unhealthy attachments to the material world (funny, since my question is about financial matters). What strikes me is that my significator, the Knight of Cups, is directly beneath The Devil, as if worry about or focus on material issues are preventing me from finding my “heart’s desire” – of finding true happiness. This could very well (actually, most likely) indicate the spendthrift part of me that pops up from time to time, usually followed by buyer’s remorse. I see a message here of releasing myself from the need for new possessions – and perhaps of not being so fearful of pursuing work that I love. I again get a message of needing to take a risk here.

HOUSE: Eight of Wands

As I am a bit of a computer geek and the Web is a huge part of my life, the Eight of Wands card often for me represents things that are Internet related. Right when I saw this card, I felt its message. I keep up with many gadget-related blogs and often, end up lusting after new gadgets when they come out, leading inevitably to an unnecessary purchase. I think I need to spend less time on the Internet and more time of pursuits that can move my goals forward – and produce income. As the House card, I see this as telling me that trying to keep up with others is self-defeating for me. While the Internet can help my with my financial goals, I need to use the energies of the Chariot to “focus” – and not get distracted by that which does not serve me.

ACTION: Nine of Swords

Stop worrying! This is probably the most productive action step that I can take. Worry and negative thinking only prevent me from moving forward. So I see this as telling me that I need to make a conscious effort to put this sort of thinking behind me – put down those doubts that tend to crop up in my mind as well. I’m usually pretty good about it but do slip up from time to time.

OUTCOME: Four of Wands

I couldn’t think of a better card to have in this position – this is the card celebration – of stability and security. It often is about getting out of an unhappy situation and experiencing a new growth. I should be able to get things in order if I follow the above advice, all things I already knew. Then, it will be time to celebrate!

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