Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

Head Heart and Hands Spread

This spread was posted on the Aeclectic Tarot forum awhile back and thought I’d give it a try today for my daily draw.

Head – What do I need to know today?

Last night I decided to have a couple of drinks at a local pub before bed and today, as usual when I indulge in this sort of behavior, my stomach is wreaking havoc. So I take this card today at its literal meaning – Temperance. Being in the Head position, this is telling me that I really should know better – a little moderation, a little temperance goes a long way. This is actually a life lesson for me that pops up quite often.

Heart – What do I need to embrace/accept today?
The Hanging Man

I need to accept the fact that there will be times in my life where there is a lull, with nothing going on. I need to be aware of the fact the I need to “put in the time” as it were, in order to reap the benefits. Nothing happens without any effort – and it doesn’t happen immediately. In order for my goals to come to fruition, I need to sacrifice – to put in the work. It is also a reminder to be that patience is a virtue that I do need to work on.

Hands – What do I need to do today?
The Magician

To me, the Magician is the archetype of the “manifester” and appears to be telling me to use my skills and make things happen. I see this as a continuation of the message from the last card – action is needed in order to attain desired goals. It’s a push for me to start putting my ideas into action – and today is a good day to begin.

Interesting read today with the 3 Majors showing up. The message for me today seems to be reinforcing life lessons that I need to learn.

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