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Interview with a New Deck: The Wildwood Tarot

I finally received a deck I have been patiently waiting for:  The Wildwood Tarot.  I typically thrown down a new deck spread for new Tarot deck acquisitions.  For this deck however, I decided to try out the “Interview with a New Deck” spread that I had in my files.  Unfortunately, I no longer remember from where I obtained the spread but I have seen it around for years.

It is as follows:

New Deck Interview Spread Image

  1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
  2. What are your strengths as a deck?
  3. What are your limits as a deck?
  4. What do you bring to the table–what are you here to teach me?
  5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?
  6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

The cards I pulled are below:

Wildwood Interview Spread - my cards

TD:  Nice to meet you!  I’ve been waiting for you for awhile and am looking forward to our new relationship.

Wildwood:  Nice to meet you too. First of all, let me point out that in your layout of six cards, four of them were Majors.  This should tell you right off the bat that our relationship will be an important one and will have a major effect on your life.
Now, let’s get onto your interview questions.

TD: Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
The Ancestor

<p”>Wildwood: I am the culmination of the wisdom of the ages – the wisdom the ancestors.  I am linked to the most ancient part of your soul and am here to guide you along your path.  Know that when you turn to me for advice, you are turning to ancient wisdom.  Take my hand – follow me.  Listen to the ancient voice within you – listen to the call of the wild.

TD:  What are your strengths as a deck?
The Blasted Oak

Wildwood:  My main strength is that I will cause you to think and evaluate, sometimes leading to the eventual destruction of beliefs, patterns of behavior, or relationships that are no longer working for you or that are not in your best interest.  Just as it is the weakest branch of the oak which breaks, so is it only those weak foundations that I will work with you on destroying.  Although you may not always like it – especially when I jar you from a state of inertia and your sense of false security – in the long run, it will always a necessary adjustment.

TD:  What are your limits as a deck?
Queen of Bows

Wildwood:  The Queen of Bows features a powerful animal of the Druid tradition – the Hare.  While the Hare often represents fertility, it also represents potential.  I will support you as you travel your journey and help guide you to your highest potential.  But I cannot force you to listen to me or to follow my advice.  Whether you attain your potential – realize & cultivate your talents – is entirely up to you.  Remember that you cannot turn over a field by visualizing it in your mind.  You will need to take action on your own to make things happen.

TD:  What do you bring to the table–what are you here to teach me?
Five of Bows

Wildwood:  I am here to teach you empowerment.  One of the goals of a Tarot reading is to bring out into the open your fears — those things that are holding you back.  What I bring to the table, are suggestions and advice on how you can face and then defeat those fears, as well as overcoming poor self-image or other emotional dependencies and addictions — thus leading you to a more empowered life.  But as I told you above, I can advise, show and recommend, but what you do with the information is up to you.

TD: How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?
The Stag

Wildwood:  The Stag is half human and half animal.  He is the guardian of the forest and represents the concept of “Universal Balance”; or in other words, “responsibility.”   You can best learn and collaborate with me by being responsible and know that you need to do what’s right on your own – not expect others to act for you, not to expect forgiveness when you act inappropriately.  The Stag is the ultimate judge and reminds you that there are consequences to your actions.  In your search for enlightenment (or whatever it is that you are searching for), know that you will always only get what you deserve.  If you expend no energy, take no positive action to improve your situation and heed no advice, then you will only continue to receive exactly what you have now.  Nothing will change.  So you can best learn from me by taking responsibility for your own empowerment and carefully considering your choices.

TD: What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The Moon on the Water

Wildwood:  Here, I give you several hints:  the egg in the water, the heron, the horns of the aurochs – these are all symbols of fertility.  The potential outcome of our relationship – considering that you follow the above advice – is creativity and imagination, the birth of new possibilities.  I can lead you to explore new areas of your psyche,  show you how to tap into your intuition and lead you to possibilities of creation.  I am talking about inner transformation here – awareness of that other than the mundane, a type of “rebirth” if you will.  This may lead you to new interests, the expression of your “shadow” side or simply a new period of imagination, innovation and inspiration.  I will warn you however, that if you work with me on a deeper level, I will tap that primal part of you and you may begin to experience an entirely new level of consciousness and new potential accompanied by a very possible extensive live changes.  But this will require work and perseverance on your part.

TD:  Thank you for all of the wonderful advice!  I promise that I shall give you the attention you deserve – and look forward to taking this new journey together.

Wildwood:  I shall look forward to a stimulating relationship with you as well.

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