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Interview with the Dark Goddess Tarot

In this post, I am interviewing the Dark Goddess Tarot, a wonderful new tarot deck by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.  You can purchase the deck from her website at:


TD: I have to tell you that the idea of working with Dark Goddesses is a tad frightening. Should we be afraid?

(Our guide for this card is La Llorona, Mexican Spirit of Grief and Remorse).

5 of Water from the Dark Goddess Tarot

La Llorona (5 of water): She laughs. “At the very least a little” she says. “This is not your normal tarot and it’s definitely not a fluffy deck. Yes, there are many of us who are considered Dark Goddesses but not because we are frightening. We had our shadow side – as do many of you folks. Some of us may have experienced pain, grief, sorrow, violence, shadow or worse. For instance, I lost all of my five children. That is why you see me with tears of blood rolling down my cheek.”

“Oh dear, what happened?” I ask.

She flashes me a thin smile. “I drowned them all.”

I swallow. “Thank you Llorona. Onto our the next question.”*

TD: Can you tell me a little more about the Dark Goddess Tarot?

(Arianrhod, Welsh Goddess of the Moon is our guide for this question.)


The Moon from the Dark Goddess Tarot

Arianrhod (The Moon): “The Dark Goddess tarot is a journey into the mysteries. Through your journey you will meet many of my sisters who share the deck with me. Some will be beautiful; others not so much. Some may be wicked and terrifying while some may be loving. But regardless of their characteristics, they all have teachings for you; for it is from our suffering and shadow that we learn the most.”

“But that is not to say that the lessons here are all dark and terrifying; for they are not. The lessons here are designed to help you make it through the difficult times in your own life – those times when you may be experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul. Through your encounter with my sisters, you shall evolve beyond your fears and insecurities. This path is the path of self-knowledge.”

TD: Thank you Arianrhod.*

TD: What will you be able to help me with as a Tarot reader?

(Banchee, the Irish Spirit of Prophecy is our guide for this question.)

9 of Air from the Dark Goddess Tarot

Banchee (Nine of Air):“I will teach you about change and transformation for that is what I herald. You are familiar with me no?”

TD: “Yes. You are one of the sidhe and you typcially warn people by your wailing that someone is going to die.”

Banchee: “Very good. But I am more than that. I also bring messages from the underworld. Messages to remind you that most of your suffering resides only in your head and is brought on by yourself. Some of you are so wrapped up in your thoughts, mentally punishing yourselves for wrongs you think you have done or have been done to you. I will teach you how to guide yourself and others away from this Dark Night into the light. I will teach you how to see so you can help others to see as well.”

TD: “I’m looking forward to that.”

Banchee: “Would you like to hear me wail? Not everyone get to experience it first-hand.”

TD (rapidly shaking head): “Thank you so much for the most generous offer but perhaps not now. I don’t wish to keep my next guest waiting.”

Banchee: “Very well. Until next time.”

TD: What level of experience should a reader have before working with the Dark Goddess Tarot?

(Tsonokwa, Kwaquitil Wild Woman of the Woods is our guide for this question).

6 of Earth from the Dark Goddess Tarot image

Tsonokwa (Six of Earth): “I am the Wildwoman of the Woods, the Giver of Wealth and I answer thusly: Before working with us, you must have an open heart and be willing to give of yourself. For it is in giving that we receive. This is the only requirement.”

“A reader who wishes to work with me and my sisters might also wish to ask themselves: Are you willing to give of yourselves to the Dark Goddesses? Are you willing to learn from them and take that knowledge and pass it on to other?”

“But note that we may not be for the beginner unless she or he is truly devoted, motivated, willing to work and has a stout heart. For sometimes our lessons are difficult but they will always cause you to grow.”

TD: “Thank you Tsonokwa.”

TD: What is your greatest strength?

(Our Spokesgoddess for this questions is Tefnut)

Six of Water from the Dark Goddess Tarot

Tefnut (Six of Water): “Our greatest strength is to teach you the importance of simple pleasures. While my symbol is the lioness, it is my role to show you that it is not by the mighty roar that we evolve, but rather by the smile of thanks from someone you have helped or a precious memory from your past.”

“Our strength is emotion; for oftentimes who comes to a reader such as yourself except those who are angry, lost, confused, heartbroken, suspicious, afraid or vengeful? Our strength is the ability to temper the harm that such emotions can cause – to lead you away from source of your pain and back into the world were simple pleasures reside. For as I state in the book, Renewal starts with Simple Pleasures. I shall remind you of this repeatedly during your journey with us.”

TD: Thank you Tefnut”

TD: What can you teach me?

(Our guide for this card is Nemesis, Greed Goddess of Judgment)

Ace of Air from the Dark Goddess Tarot

Nemesis (Ace of Air): “Open your eyes!”

TD: “What?” I say, after jumping out of my chair.

Nemesis: “This is what I have come to teach. You shall learn how to see; how to perceive that which others often do not. Through me and my sisters, you shall have the ability to see from a clear perspective as we bring you to a turning point into new clarity and wisdom.”

TD: “How can I do this?”

Nemesis “By opening your mind and paying attention. By getting rid of the garbage that clutters your thoughts for it is a clear mind that is filled with ideas and inspiration. We will teach you how to access your inner wisdom and how to use discernment when accessing that wisdom.”

TD: “Thank you Nemesis.”

TD: “How will we work together? What will our relationship be like?”

(Our guide for this question is Tlazolteotl, Aztec Goddess of Filth and purification)

Corruption Tarot Card from the Dark Goddess Tarot image

Tlazolteotl (Corruption XV): She smiles. “What do you think?”

TD: “I have to admit that I wasn’t overjoyed at seeing that it was you who was going to answer this questions. No Disrespect meant.”

Tlazolteotl: “None taken,” she says, laughing. “No need to fear….too much. I have been chosen to be your guide for this question because I can pull you out from the darkness. I will eat the darkest part of your shadow and will chew away at your own self-imposed limitations. I will show you how to transcend the darkness and chaos; to move past any roadblocks and boundaries that you have yourself created. I will drag you from the darkness into hope and freedom. Oh, it will not be pretty while I’m doing it, but you’ll thank me afterwards.”

“I will also show you how to face your shadow, accept it and take advantage of the power that is there. There is much power in the shadow, as you shall learn soon enough.”

TD: “I hope so. Thank you.”

TD: “What else do I need to know about us working together?”

* (Our Guide for this question is Kamui Fuchi, Ainu Goddess of the Hearth)*

4 of Fire from the Dark Goddess Tarot image

Kamui Fuchi (Four of Fire):“That we shall focus heavily on your kirth and kin. Some folks become so self-centered and self-important! Any advice we provide to you will be for the good of your entire community rather than feeding your ego. We shall teach you (so you can teach others) how to build a community and keep your home & the relationships within it healthy and happy.”

“I can see by the look in your eyes that you might be a tad leery of me and my sisters. I am here to tell you that you should not fear what you will learn but rather rejoice in it! For through us, you have a chance to make a positive difference in your own life and the lives of others.”

TD: “Thank you Kamui Fuchi.”

TD: “How do you advise people approach you?”

(Our guide for this card is Epona, Celtic and Roman Goddess of Horses)

Six of Fire from the Dark Goddess Tarot image

Epona (Six of Fire): “You should approach us in the same manner that you would approach a foal for the first time: slowly. You should take your time and not move too fast for you cannot learn all that we have to teach you over night. Just as you would train a horse, so should you work with us regularly for it is only through consistent practice that progress can be made. It should go without saying that you should also approach us with the upmost respect for you never wish to incur our wrath.”

TD: (swallowing): “I shall ensure that you are always treated with reverence.”

Epona: “Just like a horse.”

TD: “If you wish.”

Epona: “If you follow my advice, you will ride the stallion of accomplishment and triumph. Just be careful not to get too full of yourself; for do not forget that is it our allies that oftentimes contribute the most to our victories.”

TD: “Thank you Epona.”

TD: “So we come to the last question of this interview. Do you have anything you’d like to ask me?”

(Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Beauty and Love is our guide for this last question.

Siren of Water from the Dark Goddess Tarot image

Aphrodite (Siren of Water): “We only have one question for you and it is not meant to be answered now but instead, we ask that you think upon it during the weeks to come. Our question is: “Are you following your dream? And if your answer is no, then why not?”

TD: “That is a very important and relevant question and I shall indeed think upon it. I also wish to thank all of the Goddesses that took the time to answer my questions. I look forward to working with all of you.”

Stay tuned for a deck review of the Dark Goddess Tarot

All images copyright Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.  For more information on this deck, visit:

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  • I loved this, the way you interacted with the Goddesses. The Tarot readings I do with The Dark Goddess Tarot are really special to me. I only do them very occasionally because I love the deck so much, and Ellen’s work–I worry about wearing the deck out, if I used the deck as much as I’d really like to! But at the end of the reading you gave me permission to use the cards more often, and I also think this deck is very apropos for shadow work.

    Anyway, I loved your reading and I’m going to explore your site. I found it because I was looking for an image of Ellen’s “Siren of Water,” and got lucky and found a totally unique site! Where did you learn to interpret the cards like that? Do you teach that style? Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for the nice comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I love this deck as well and I’ve found that it gives quite powerful readings. As for my method of reading, I comes from years of work and study, after which we all end up with our own unique way of interpreting the cards. I do teach my method but at the current time, only for in-person classes in the Milwaukee area. Thanks for reading!


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