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Journey into the Thoth: 4 of Wands



Card: 4 of Wands
Suit: Wands
Element: Fire
Section: Minor Arcana
Esoteric Title: Lord of Perfected Work
Card Name: Completion
Astrological Attribution: Venus in Aries
Ruling Planet: Venus
Qabalistic Attribution: Chesed
Dates: April 11 to April 20


Four bright red wands are arranged to form eight spokes of a wheel (some say an eight-rayed star). On the end of each wand is a ram’s head on one end and a dove on the other.

The border of the circle is yellow and the background of the card is dark green. In the center of the wheel where the wands intersect are eight orange flames. On the top of the card drawn in red is the astrological sigil for Venus. On the bottom of the card is the sigil for Aries, also drawn in red.


  • Ram’s head: Aries, male energy, battle/fighting spirit, sacred creature of Amun Ra (godform associated with the 4 of Wands)
  • Dove’s head: Venus, female energy, love
  • Flames: The creative force, desire, Will, the Sun,
  • Yellow circle/wheel: Limitation, the Wheel of Completion, glyph of the universe and its cycles
  • Eight points on the circle – Wheel of the Year, 8 occult Sabbats
  • Dark green background – growth, joy, that which is thriving


In this card, we see four wands forming eight spokes of a wheel. The wheel corresponds to limitation yet also completion. According to Crowley, this signifies the solid system of Order, Law and Government. It represents wholeness, completeness and stability. This card is attributed to Chesed – the manifestion promised by Bihah has now been realized.

This card marks the end of a phase in the seeker’s life thus allowing for new beginnings and new horizons, accompanied by a sense of achievement, joy and satisfaction.

The Ram’s head and the Dove’s head illustrate balance, the bringing together of opposites: the male and female principal, love and battle, beginnings and endings. It is the polarity between male and female. The combination of Venus and Aries together suggests that work is more easily completed when combined with love and respect, or as Crowley put it “with tact and gentleness”.

This card suggests order and harmony as well as stability.


Rest & reward after a laborious task, completion, balance, harmony, order, laying plans and foundations, satisfactory conclusion, finishing one phase and moving into another, unity, new beginnings, harmony of opposites, stability, a secure foundation, boundaries, escaping an oppressive situation, celebration of achievement, self-assurance, conflicts resolved


Disappointment, success at a greater cost than anticipated, instability, being on shaky grounds, unreliability, anxiety causes a rushed effort resulting in instability, excessive conservatism, things not fully completed, something is shaking the seeker’s foundation, not being ready, unfinished business

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