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Journey Into the Thoth: 8 of Wands

8 of Wands Thoth Tarot image


Card: 8 of Wands
Suit: Wands
Element: Fire
Section: Minor Arcana
Esoteric Title: Lord of Swiftness
Card Name: Swiftness
Astrological Attribution: Sagittarius
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Qabalistic Attribution: Hod in Atziluth
Dates: November 23 to December 2


Eight red bolts of electricity emanate from the center of a square, forming what looks to be an Octahedron (a complex geometrical shape consisting of equilateral triangles) composed of yellow, green, blue, gray and purple colors. Another way to view this image, is as a multi-colored diamond or crystal overlapping onto a multi-colored square. Each of the red bolts terminate in an arrowhead forming an eight-pointed star.

Above the shape is a rainbow. The symbol for Mercury is painted in red on the upper-left side of the card and the symbol for Sagittarius is painted in red on the upper right. The background of the card is light blue.


  • Electrical bolts – communication, symbols of Mercury – quick, swift
  • Square – obstacles, restriction
  • Rainbow – Promise of wholeness, the prefect harmonic amalgamation of light. Calm after the storm.
  • Octahedron – balance and stability; harmony achieved through conflict
  • Light-blue background – Peace, serenity. Energy has become stabilized.


The Eight of Wands card is named Swiftness (Sagittarius in Mercury) suggesting speed, sudden force intense insight and rapid movement. The eight lightning bolts (wands have been transmuted into rays of pure energy) suggest high speed movement and as they break past the geometric square, we get the impression of breaking through blocks, hindrances or constrictions. What was previously suppressed is released.

This might indicate that previous blocks to communication are removed and any misunderstandings are now replaced with clarity. Those hindrances that you believed were insurmountable are broken through. This is definitely not the time for hesitation but rather, it’s a time to put plans into action – to move into high gear.

The sudden appearance of the rays make one think of a flash of insight or a “light-bulb” moment of clarity. The rays emanating in eight different directions make me think of being pulled in several different directions at once – perhaps with so many new ideas or things to do that you don’t know where to begin.

The rainbow, which usually appears after a rainstorm is over, suggests that perhaps this sudden burst of energy is short-lived – the terms “crash and burn” come to mind (especially if ill-dignified). This might indicate that this rapid period of communication and/or high-energy activity will peter out after a short time.


Swift action, rapid movement, forward motion, quick results, innovation, urgency, excitement, frenzy, communications, news, haste, rush of creative inspiration, a sudden affair, receiving of urgent messages, nearing a goal, rapid growth, something unexpected, the Internet, taking quick action, intense insight, completing unfinished business, new business contacts, discovering the truth, swift retaliation, being more open, Will unrestrained


Haste makes waste, crash and burn, things out of control, impulsive, miscommunication, upsetting news, burnout, too much – to quickly, intense pressure from all directions, feeling overwhelmed, oppression, theft, lost enthusiasm, wasted energy

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