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Journey into the Thoth Tarot: 2 of Cups

Thoth Tarot 2 of Cups

Card Attributes:

Card: Two of Cups
Suit: Cups
Element: Water
Section: Minor Arcana
Esoteric Title: Lord of Love
Card Name: Love
Astrological Attribution: Venus in Cancer
Ruling Planet: Venus
Qabalistic Attribution: Chokmah in Briah
Dates: June 21 to July 7


A lotus sits on a body of water. Two orange and red dolphins, one with an orange eye, one with a white eye, are intertwined around its stem. Water pours out of the lotus in two streams, bouncing off the dolphins and into two cups that are floating on the sea. Another lotus rises from the stem of the tall lotus. Ten streams of water pour out of the two cups. The symbol for Venus floats on the top left side of the card and the symbol for Cancer floats on the top right side. The water flows in an endless stream from the lotus, to the dolphins, to the cups, to the water and back up, through the stem, to the lotus.


  • Dolphin – creatures of love and also hermaphrodite, attributed to Venus (symbol of the feminine) and Mercury (symbol of the masculine). The dolphins are red and orange, with yellow tail fin, all solar colors (the dolphin was sacred to the Greek god Apollo, as well as Neptune).
  • Lotus – sacred to the Goddess Isis and represents deep love & being receptive to receiving love. Also represents purity.
  • Two connected lotuses – connection of two people in love, connection of polar opposites (male & female)
  • Overflowing cup – abundance of love, intense emotion, unending flow of love
  • 10 Streams pouring out of cups – Qualities will reach full manifestation
  • Intertwined Fish – loving union, an emotional and/or physical connection between two people, joy & ecstasy
  • Calm Water – Harmony
  • Blue Sky – calm, harmony, profound peace
  • Dolphin with orange eye : Masculine principal
  • Dolphin with silver eye: Feminine principal
  • 5-pointed dolphin fin facing the lower lotus stem – Represents Key 5 – The Emperor and the masculine principal (alchemical attribution: sulfur)
  • 4-pointed dolphin fine facing the lower lotus stem – Represents Key 4 – The Empress and the feminine principal (alchemical attribution: salt)
  • Green sea – unconditional love
  • Twin dolphins: equal partners in love


Crowley says that this card should be renamed to The Lord of Love under Will, seeing that 2 represents the will and Venus represents love, and it shows the harmony of male and female. This card stands for a flowing love between two people or a reconciliation. It is the harmony of the masculine and the feminine and all that entails: joy, cooperation, pleasure, a partnership of souls, a new relationship, physical attraction, coming together or merging of opposites and even marriage. It represents the building blocks of a strong bond – a joining together to bring about an enterprise, be it a romantic relationship, a friendship or even a business partnership. It could even be a sweet friendship that’s taken a romantic turn (= friends to lovers). Each person brings a equal gift to the relationship as signified by the constant outpouring of emotion (water). Being equals, the dolphins suggest a point where there is balance and harmony – a turning point where you may join forces with someone. Being Cancer is a receptive sign, it also points to self-love as well as the love of others, for we are incapable of loving others if we cannot first love ourself. Being as this is a partnership card, I’ve even seen this card come up in regards to signing or exchanging contracts.


Harmony of opposites, love, pleasure, friendship, a new romance, harmony of masculine & feminine, an emotional connection, self-love, joy, ecstasy, renewed stability, reconciliation, love affair, balance, resolution of past issues, partnership, new alliances, cooperation, physical attraction, finding a common ground.


End of a relationship, rejection, love at first sight (shallow love), obsession, stalking, divorce, misunderstanding, disharmony, betrayal, false love, conflict, waste of energies

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