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Journey into the Thoth: The Sun

The Sun cards from the Thoth tarot


Card: The Sun
Element: Fire
Section: Major Arcana
Esoteric Title: The Lord of the Fire of the World
Card Name: The Sun
Astrological Attribution: Sun
Ruling Planet: Planetary Trump of the Sun
Hebrew Letter: Resh.
Tree of Life Path: Path 30 from Hod (8) to Yesod (9) 


A bright yellow sun glows brightly from the center of the card. Blossoming within the sun is a rose. Twelve orange-red rays radiate from the sun. Surrounding the sun are the twelve signs of the zodiac, beginning with Aries in the East and continuing in order. Each zodiacal sign is separated by one of the sun’s large rays. In between each ray are two smaller rays, thus separating each sign into decans.

Dancing on a green mountain below the sun are two children with butterfly wings. By each of the children’s feet is a disk, on which is displayed the Rose Cross. The tip of the mountain (or mound) is bordered by a red wall.

A rainbow surrounds the edge of the sun and within the rainbow falls each of the zodiacal signs.


  • Sun – Unity, joy of life. The four-armed cross (the Rose Cross) has now expanded into the sun, representing the New Aeon – the birth of a new humanity.
  • Green Mountain – fertility, creativity
  • Rose in center of the sun – the flowering of solar influence
  • Hebrew Letter Resh – the head
  • Zodiacal signs – the body of Nuit
  • Red wall surrounding the tip of the mountain – the need to maintain control, even while trying to achieve unity. Can also signify that unity is not yet completely achieved.
  • Twin children – male and female: young, joyful, shameless, innocent. The next stage yet be attained. Synergy.
  • Nakedness – liberation, freedom, innocence
  • Twelve large rays of the sun – represent not only the signs of the zodiac, but also HUA, which has a numerical value of 12 (HUA = “He”, God, The Most Holy Ancient Ones).
  • Rainbow – symbol of unity between conscious and unconscious, harmony
  • Disks with Rose and Cross – The old symbols of boundaries and manifestation, now at the feet of the twins, suggesting liberation of physical limitations.
  • Butterfly Wings – Freedom, liberation, awakening of the soul.


According to Crowley, the Sun card represents, in its simplest form, Heru-ra-ha, the Lord of the New Aeon. Heru-ra-ha is the Lord of Light, Life, Liberty and Love. Lon Milo DuQuette points out that Heru-ra-ha refers to the two opposite and unique forms of the Egyptian god Horus. The dancing twins in the card may further represent these two sides of the god.

I’ve seen some people refer to the rose in the center of the Sun as The Rose of Realization, perhaps signifying a higher consciousness that is achieved as humanity enters the New Aeon. Crowley himself refers to the rose as the flowering of solar influence.

The children also represent the male and the female. Taking into consideration the double nature of Horus, the twins may represent the liberated unity of man and woman. Gone are the barriers that exist between the sexes. Gone are the barriers of dominance. Gone are the barriers of boundaries. What exists now is a joyful unity of male and female. The symbol of the Sun (masculine) and the Rose (feminine) may also point to this union, especially taking into consideration that the Rose Cross, a symbol of manifestation and boundary, has now expanded into the sun.


Happiness, triumph, pleasure, high-spirits, enthusiasm, having fun, glory, success, good health, freedom, expressing yourself creatively, vitality, liberation, overcoming difficulties, empowerment, enlightenment, new awareness, optimism, creativity, celebration, fruition, vitality, abundance, prosperity, spiritual illumination, positive attainment, achievement, being the center of attention, growth, balance


Loss of freedom, over-zealousness, excessive ego, shame, health problems, pessimism, lack of clarity, negative thinking, depression, poverty, burned-out, failure, unhappiness, stress

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