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Just for Fun: The Magical Lottery Tarot Spread

If you have read Tarot for others, you have inevitably come across the question, “Can you tell me the lottery numbers?”. Most of the time we laugh it off and tell the client that if we could do that, we wouldn’t be sitting here reading the cards. Just to make things interesting though, the next time someone asks you this question, you can pull out your deck and use Sylvia Abraham’s Magical Lottery Spread. I stumbled across this several years ago in her book  “How to Use Tarot Spreads” published by Llewellyn, Inc. The layout of the spread is as follows:

Lottery spread image

A) Is this a good day to buy a lottery ticket?
B) Obstacles to overcome?
C) Querent’s mental attitude toward willing the lottery
1 through 6 – This cards will provide the numbers to play in the lottery.


For this spread, you will only use the 21 cards of the Major Arcana so you will need to separate them out from the deck. Shuffle the cards and place one card, face up in positions A, B & C. Read the cards (including reversals). If the message is negative, it’s best to try another day. If you get a green light, proceed with the next step.

Now, in position 1, you will place three cards, face up. Then, place the next three cards in position 2, etc. until positions 1 through 6 each have 3 cards. You will have one card remaining.

Now you are going to add up the numbers in each stack. Do not reduce the cards as one does when working with numerology – and reversals make no difference. For instance you would the add the following Cards:

Strength 8
The Devil (RX) 15
The Emperor 4

Total: 27

If the number is outside of the range of the lottery, stop the reading and try another day. In the example above, the total comes to 27, which is in the lottery range, so we would then proceed to the next stack. When you finish, you should have a number for each stack (all within the range of allowable lottery numbers).

You will end up with one card left over. In the book, Sylvia says that the application of the final card is up to you. If it is a low numbered card, you can substitute it for one of the six numbers gained through adding the Major Arcana in the one of the six stacks.

If the number total in each stack is within the allowable lottery limit, run to the nearest store or gas station and buy a ticket today!

Oh – and don’t forget about me when you win!

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  • I’m playing EuroJackpot with 5 + 2 numbers. I play with the Starseed Tarot.

    My spread looks like this : I take only the 21 cards of Major Arcana (I have a card No. 0 (“starseed”) which I leave out).
    Then I lay:
    1. stack – 1 card
    2. stack – 2 cards
    3. stack – 3 cards
    4. stack – 4 cards
    5. stack – 5 cards
    6. stack – 6 cards

    I add the numbers from each card per stack – thats the 5 numbers of my lottery ticket (the 6nd stack can be exchanged with another stack if it shows an impossible number).

    Then I take Major Arcana No. 1 to 10 & choose 2 cards – those will be the two additional numbers you play in EuroJackpot.

    This technique helps me getting also low numbers, as there will be only 1 card in the first stack which could possible be “1” or “2”.

    I built my spread on your inspiration. Thanks 🙂

    • I like this spread! I’ll have to give it a try.

    • Ooh, I like this 🙂 Will give both spreads a try.

  • I did a similar spread this morning, but used the whole deck. My “is it a good day for lotto” card was 10 of pentacles (abundance) so I took that as a green light 😂
    I then did 3 cards for 7 numbers (I don’t know why I did 7 I just felt drawn to) and if I got a son/daughter/mother/father card I applied as a 0 value. When I got my numbers I checked which games this week have 7 numbers. The only one is tomorrow with a huge jackpot! I’ll keep you posted 😉


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