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New Blog Activity: The Artist’s Way and Tarot

Beginning on October 6th, I’ll be starting a new Tarot activity on the blog! Not an experiment this time, but rather something that I hope will spark your creativity, as the intention of this blog is to explore creativity in conjunction with the Tarot. I personally use Tarot to generate ideas, create characters and to help develop plot devices for all of my writing projects. But more on that later..

For many years now, I have been a fan of Julia Cameron’s work, with one of my favorite books being The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path of Higher Creativity. The book teaches tips and techniques to aid people in harnessing their creativity, gaining self-confidence and overcoming creative blocks. The text is laid out in a 12-week program format, complete with a plethora of exercises and activities.

Awhile back, I was revisiting the book when the thought struck me: What a fun adventure it would be to combine this program with the Tarot. One could certainly use the Tarot to help clarify the lessons and activities in the book and perhaps provide us our own individual direction to follow.

I had attempted to kick off this project on my old blog but a lengthy illness (I’m much better now, thank you for asking!) and the hijacking of my old domain name put a premature halt to the project. I was thumbing through the book the other day and I figured the time was now right to resurrect this project.

Artists way

So in the coming weeks, together we will work through The Artist’s Way and see what insights Tarot might add to the course. We’ll look at (and create) Tarot spreads relevant to the chapters and use the cards to tap into our own creativity. Plus many folks will find that this journey is a good excuse to take on the program and make use of their own creativity.

Who is the Artist’s Way aimed at, you might ask? Any aspiring or working creative: fiction writers, technical writers, painters, graphic designers, actors, playwrights, illustrators, musicians, filmmakers – any sort of endeavor where creativity is/can be important. Perhaps you wish to someday write a novel or learn to play a musical instrument. Maybe you just want to learn how to be a more effective blogger or simply bring more creativity into your life. As I reviewed the book, I seriously don’t think that there is anyone who could not find some value in this program. It certainly changed my life when I read it. Since then, I’ve written over 20 technical manuals and two fiction books (with one more on the way). But moreover, it helped me to become a better Tarot reader and to further open up my intuition.

Sound interesting? Sound like fun? If so, then please join me in the coming weeks on this new adventure. So that everyone who wishes to has time to obtain a copy of the book, we’ll begin the week of October 6th. While the course is divided into 12 week segments, we will no doubt need to spend more than one week per chapter, because most of them contain such an abundance of information and interesting exercises that our journey will most likely take longer than 12 weeks. Additionally, we want to ensure that everyone obtains maximum benefit from the course so we don’t want to rush through it.

So no worries if you miss a week or two – you can always catch up. I’ll create a separate page on the blog so that you can quickly find all of the related blog posts.

So remember to mark your calendars for the week of October 6th when we begin our adventure with Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”.

You can buy the book HERE.

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