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New Deck Spread

As it is my custom to throw out a new deck spread for every new deck that I buy, tonight I cast a spread for my new Gaian Tarot. The spread is as follows:

Card 1: What do you want to teach me?
Card 2: What do I need to do?
Card 3: What will our relationship be like?

Below are the results of my spread:

Gaian new deck spread image

What do you want to teach me: Ace of Fire

What an awesome card. Here, we have a snake breaking through an egg, being born. The deck will teach me not to hold back, but just to let myself burst forth and do what’s in my heart. Perhaps this deck will teach me how to rediscover myself – to transform.

What do I need to do: Ten of Air

Here we have a flock of geese in flight. I find it interesting that they are heading for the Ace of Fire card. As an action card, this is telling me that it is time of release and let go of that which no longer is working for me. This certainly fits well with the first card, which suggest a rebirth and transformation of sorts. ‘Tis the time to put old ideas and beliefs behind me when working with this deck and approach it from an entirely new perspective.

What will our relationship be like: Two of Fire

I think the image this card says it all! My relationship with this deck will be passionate and exciting, like two lovers in a heated dance – full of energy and enthusiasm. Makes sense as I absolutely love this deck.

I find it noteworthy that the Air card is surrounded by two fire cards. Every card in this spread is extremely strong, with Air & Fire being extremely “friendly” elements. Makes for an explosive combination.

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