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New Financial Abundance Tarot Experiment

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I received an e-mail the other days asking me if I was going to bring back the Financial Abundance Experiment to the new blog. I thought it over and decided that instead of bringing back old posts, it would be more fun and relevant to start a new experiment. This way, people who are new to the blog can join in. Let me first explain how the Financial Abundance Experiment came into being.

Awhile back while teaching a Tarot class, I was speaking about the “Card of the Day” practice and how you can use it as a map to achieve your goals, one step at a time.  I used examples of how I achieved several goals in my own life – completing a manuscript, learning the harp and more by using the Tarot is this manner.

One of the students quipped, “Too bad you couldn’t use the daily draw to bring money into your life.”  This led to an interesting discussion about whether Tarot can be used for such a purpose.  I personally believe that Tarot can help you accomplish any reasonable goal (I don’t think it can help much with learning how to fly or make yourself invisible!).  A Tarot deck contains all of the tools to help you accomplish most goals – even bringing financial abundance into your life.  But as with most goals, they are accomplished a little at a time.  I teach that Tarot is a map and just as we use a physical map to reach our destination one town at a time, Tarot can be used in the same way, with each card bringing us a little close to the goal.

Thus I thought it might be fun to try an experiment. At the time, we did the experiment for 90 days. I personally was able to bring in additional income as a result of the experiment as well as providing me the motivation to begin several new projects. I did feel that 90 days was a bit long though. So this time, I will do each experiment (yes, there will be more!) for 45 days.

Beginning on Monday (November 11th), I will be using one card every day for the next 45 days as a step-by-step process to achieve the goal of bring in more financial abundance into my life.  Each daily card shall be a “call to action” – a tangible action that I shall have to do that day to achieve my goal.

###The experiment shall be thus:
1. Each day for 45 days, I shall ask the question “What can I do today to bring more financial abundance in my life.
2. I shall draw one card from my deck (I’m not sure which deck I’m going to use yet – I’ll think upon it over the weekend).
3. The card drawn will be my action plan for the day, a small step in helping me achieve my goal.
4. I will keep track of my progress here.

What to join me in the experiment?  Feel free to use my daily card as your own action plan – or draw your own cards!  Let me know how you progress in the comments –
I’d love to hear about your own process.

Image copyright © Ciro Marchetti – Legacy of the Divine Tarot

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