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New Year Spread

A Tarot blog just isn’t complete without the annual New Year’s Spread.  I’ve seen many variations of this spread throughout the years.  This is the version that I use each year.  It’s designed to help you to look at the past year, where are you at the moment and what new energies & challenges the new year is bringing to you.  Enjoy!

New Year Spread layout image

The positions are as follows:

Card 1:  Past influences from 2013 that are ending or passing out of your life

Card 2:  Accomplishments of 2013 to reflect on

Card 3:  Issues, tasks, or goals carried forward from 2011 into 2014

Card 4:  Where you are right now

Card 5:  New influences that will be coming into your life in 2014

Card 6:  Challenges you may face in 2014

Card 7:  Goals that you can achieve in 2014

Card 8:  The overall focus or outlook for 2014

Card 9:  New Year’s Gift- a blessing you will receive during 2014

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