Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

Asking Questions

Asking Questions

As the Tarot is a tool for insight and advice, it does not respond well to Yes/No questions.  Try to word your question so that you are empowered by the answer, allowing you to put into action any insight or advice you receive.  You should also avoid questions that give up your responsibility for making a decision.  Such question often begin with the words “Should I”

Rather than “Yes/No” or “Should I” questions, try something those listed below:

“what is the energy surrounding my relationship with…”

“how can I improve my approach to….”
“What do I need to know about…”
“What do I need to understand about…”
“What are the circumstances underlying…”
“How can I help…”
“What is the next step I need to take to achieve…”
“What is blocking me from…”
“Which is the better choice between a and b”
“How can I foster a spirit of cooperation at work…”
“How would such a career switch impact me…”
“How can I improve my chances of…”
“How might I encourage my boyfriend to…”
“How can I overcome the difficulty I’m having with…”
“How can I improve this situation…”
“What is standing in the way of …”