Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment


image of glowing ball and tarot cards

“It is a good divine who follows his own instructions” ~ William Shakespeare

Are you searching for answers to some tough questions?

DCF 1.0If so, let me use my experience with the Tarot to help you create the present – and future that you want.  Rather than “tell fortunes”, I use the cards  to “create fortunes” – to show you how to create the life that you want.  I use Tarot as a map for spiritual wisdom and growth where together, we can work a plan to achieve tangible goals in your life.  I bring my background in Psychology and Crisis Counseling – along with over 15 years of Tarot experience – to help guide you through the challenging periods of your life as well as to help you to discover the various possibilities that are available to you.

I offer a variety of different consultations, tailored to your individual questions – relationship, finance, career, creative projects, life changes, spirituality, marriage, divorce and more.  Using the cards, I will look at how you can become more effective in your life and to get where you want to be.

What can a Tarot Reading do for you?

* help you to examine the pros and cons of a situation
* spark your creativity
* examine your spiritual path
* discover your life purpose
* discovering blocks to your intuition
* exploring relationships with another
* clarify a situation
* create a plan to help you create the life you want
* help you to make a decision between two or more choices
* determine the best career path for you
* help in finding your life partner
* examine various possibilities
* obtain self-knowledge
* discover your spiritual aspirations
* gain practical advice about situations and issues

I use the Tarot as a tool of empowerment to help you live the life that you want – to aid you in achieving your goals, manifesting your dreams or turning your life around by creating a workable and practical action.  Together, we can make a difference. Have a question? Please feel free to e-mail me at:


I offer 3 types of readings:
1) E-mail readings delivered to you in your choice of pdf file or an mp3 audio file
2) YouTube readings delivered via an Unlisted YouTube video that only those with the link can view.
3)  Skype or Telephone consultations.

E-mail (.pdf or .mp3 file) or YouTube Readings 

  • 1 question: $20
  • 2 questions $35
  • 3 questions:  $50

I typically use 3 to 7 cards for your reading, depending on the questions.

To get your reading, choose the number of questions you wish to ask from the list below and then click the Pay Now button to complete the order at PayPal.  Once you’ve made payment, e-mail your question to:  Please include your name, birth date, and question(s).  For assistance in phrasing your questions, check out my Questions Page. When emailing your question, please let me know if you would prefer an email or YouTube reading.

For YouTube readings, your video will be delivered via an Unlisted YouTube video that only those with the link can view.  The video will remain available until you request that I remove it.

I try to have most e-mail readings completed within 48 hours and they are sent to you as a .pdf or an .mp3 audio file (your choice).  I will also email you a .pdf file containing scans of the cards drawn for your reading (if you don’t have the Adobe .PDF Reader, it is a free download from Adobe’s Web site).

E-mail or  YouTube Reading

Telephone or Skype Readings: 30-min or 60 minutes

I offer two types of phone/Skype readings:  an hour-long thorough reading or a half-hour reading. For most people, a half-hour reading is typically enough time to discuss one or two issues or questions. An hour long reading is a good amount of time for a detailed overview, to discuss several issues or to focus in-depth on a specific issue, with still allowing time for additional follow-up questions.  Once you’ve booked your spot, I’ll contact you to set up a date and time for your reading.


I look forward to serving you!

Phone/Skype Reading