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Robin Wood Tarot: The Book



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I had actually owned the Robin Wood Tarot deck for several years before I haphazardly stumbled upon the companion book. It is aptly titled “Robin Wood Tarot: The Book” and is written by the author herself. Coming in at over 240 pages, it is an excellent companion to the Robin Wood Tarot deck.

In the book, Robin Wood provides details on each card. She describes in depth the symbolism, clothing and color of each card and provides stories behind the artwork – and she does so in a light and humorous manner, I might add. She also provides key words for every card but gently reminds us that her interpretations are only meant as a suggestion – it is up to us to ultimately come up with our own meanings. Note that she does not include reversed meanings in the book. She states, “I think there are enough cards in the deck to describe anything; and reversed cards are simply unnecessarily confusing” (the cards themselves are reversible, however).

The author also includes a glossary of common symbols and a discussion of each of the suits. She even includes a brief history of the Tarot as well as the history and progression of The Robin Wood Tarot. Additional chapters consist of a discussion on how and why the Tarot works, how to begin reading the Tarot, Tarot ethics and Spreads.

In the Appendix section, you can find short stories that she has written, The Story of Persephone, The Pagan Wheel of the Year, instructions on how to play the card game of Tarocchi and lastly, the history of Tarot in pictures.
I find this to be much more than a basic companion book – it is an essential guide for anyone who owns the Robin Wood Tarot deck and highly recommend it even to those who have worked with the deck for awhile.

You can get the book HERE

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