Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

Roger’s Daily Spread

Deck: The Psychic Tarot published by Hay House, Inc.

Today, I used my own daily spread for my morning draw. It is as follows:

1 – Energies/Theme of the day
2 – What I need to accept today
3 – Guidance/Advice from Spirit

Energies/Theme of the day: Partnerships & Alliances

This card is the equivalent to the 3 of Wands in the RWS deck and signifies working with others and enjoying the fruits of your labors. The blue and pink flags really stood out in this card. I am meeting with several wedding couples today and have a ceremony to write up as well so in this context, the card makes a lot of sense.

What I need to accept today: Heartache & Loss

This sort of card has come up for me quite often lately in this position. This is equivalent to the 3 of Swords in the RWS tradition and represents sorrow, disappointment and heartache. This card reminds me that I still have a bit of healing to do and need to work on no longer focusing on past disappointments or poor decisions.

Guidance/Advice from Spirit: Material & Spiritual Prosperity

This card is about material prosperity and sharing with others. It is the equivalent of the 6 of Pentacles in the RWS deck. I see this card as telling me a couple of things today – first, keep focused on the positive, the good things in my life and I’ll be able to co-create abundance. Secondly, abundance is not meant to be hoarded but shared. Only by giving, by putting out into the universe will one receive in return.

It is interesting to note the prevalence of the number 3 – two “3” cards appear in the reading and the numerological total (3+3+6 = 12;1+2 = 3) comes to 3. Three is a number of union, expansion, advancement and manifestation. It is the principal of growth and is also the number of The Empress card – self-expression and creativity. To me, this number also signifies an enthusiasm which goes along with all of the qualities above. So the message seems to be: by working with others, positive thinking/creative visualization as well helping others can I bring abundance and growth into my life.

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  • Love your spreads!!! Thanks for sharing what you created! 🙂 No website at this time for me. Eventually I will have one tho! Thanks again!


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