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Love fiction? Love Tarot? Then you may also love the new “Rogue” series by Alayna Williams, which follows the adventures of Tara Sheridan, criminal profiler and Tarot card reader. Tara, who comes from a long line of intuitives, belongs to an ancient secret order of oracles called “Delphi’s Daughters” and with their help and the help of her pack of cards, she tracks down dangerous and depraved serial killers.

Thus far, there are only two books in the series: the first one is Dark Oracle and the second is entitled Rogue Oracle. I have read both of them and have found them fast moving and thrilling, with a lot of Tarot card reading (and in my opinion, Tara is a pretty darn good reader), snappy dialog and interesting characters. There is a little something for everyone: mystery, science, action, murder, romance, lovable pets and of course, metaphysics.

All together, a great new series featuring the use of divination as a crime-solving tool.

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