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Second Book in the Ghost Oracle Series Now Available

Do you enjoy Tarot fiction?

if so, you might be interested to learn that the latest book in my Ghost Oracle series -Anaconda!” is now available on Amazon, iTunes, Nook and Kobo. The series follows the adventures of sixteen year old reluctant medium Nick Michelson, who uses Tarot to help the various ghosts he encounters.

Anaconda web

Here is a blurb from Anaconda! – the second book in the series:

Just a few short weeks ago, sixteen-year old Nick Michelson discovered that he was a psychic medium destined to help restless spirits cross over to where they belong. One evening while working after-hours at his high school, an especially frightening ghost of a bloody soldier appears to Nick and attacks him. Nick sets out on a quest to learn who the ghost is and why he is haunting Nick’s high school. Using his deck of tarot cards as a tool, he gradually begins to unravels the mystery surrounding the ghost’s death.

Meanwhile, Nick is experiencing disturbing dreams and visions during which he witnesses, through the eyes of a killer, the brutal mass murder of several of his classmates at his high school. As Nick gets drawn deeper and deeper into a web of mysteries surrounding his nightmares and the ghost of the soldier, he begins to suspect that the two are related — and that the horrific scene from his nightmares is actually a premonition of events that may — or will — come to pass.

Nick must solve the riddle of his enigmatic premonitions and race against time to somehow prevent an unknown killer from shooting up his school — and not become the shooter’s first victim in the process.

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