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Shadowscapes Tarot: Balancing Act Spread

As I close down this week’s work with the Shadowscapes Tarot, I decided to try one of the spreads in the companion book called the “Balancing Act” spread. According to the book, this spread was inspired by the Two of Pentacles card in the Shadowscapes Tarot and is about precarious balancing in our lives.

The layout is as follows:

Balancing Act spread image

1 YOU: This card shows you something you need to know about yourself in this situation. It can be how you are positively or negatively affecting the situation or how it is affecting you.
2 CREATING: This card shows you what is in the process of being created. This could be something tangible or intangible. It could be what you intended to create, or it could be something you weren’t expecting.
3 DESTROYING: This card shows what is in the process of being destroyed. This could be something tangible or intangible. It could be what you intended to destroy, or it could be something you weren’t intending on destroying.
4 WIND: This card, like the zephyr in the Two of Pentacles, represents the external environment that affects the situation. This card will show if it is beneficial or not. It will show if it is changing or remaining stable.

I looked at what the cards have to say about me balancing my two businesses, with an eventual goal to focus more on the Tarot counseling side of things. Below are the results of my reading using the Shadowscapes Tarot:

Balancing Act Cards image

YOU: Justice

I find it interesting that in a spread about balance, the first card the appears in the spread in balance. This card is telling me that in order to achieve my goals in balancing these two aspects of my life, I will receive back what I put into it. Justice is all about getting what you deserve and the results of our actions. The actions I take now will set the course for the future.

CREATING: Six of Pentacles

In this card, a piper, through his song, is feeding the parched earth by sharing his wealth. I see this as creating physical abundance as the money flows forth but also creating a community – for in sharing our wealth with others, we make the world a better place for all involved. This does make a lot of sense to me as my work involves sharing with and helping others.

DESTROYING: Five of Cups

What a great card to see in the “Destroying” position. The five of cups signifies regret sadness, regret and loss. By balancing these two aspects of my life, I am creating a new future for myself – and in so doing, am erasing past regrets and the disappointments I’ve had about a business that my heart was not in. I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with this idea – it certainly is nice to see this reinforced and displayed in the cards.

WIND: Four of Wands

This position sees whether the balancing I am doing is beneficial or not. As 4 of Wands is about celebration after achieving one’s goals, I would say that this is a strong “thumbs up” for what I am doing. As fire and wands are about action, it would appear this my current balancing act is moving me forward.

This also seems to be reinforced by the numbers – the Justice card appears to represent my question and the sequence of numbers – 4, 5, and 6 seem to indicate a steady progression forward.  In summary, I plan on continuing what I am doing now as it seems that I am on the correct path.

I find this spread very helpful and eye-opening and think I’ll be adding it to my spread repertoire.  How about you?  Are there balancing issues in your life that you would like to know more about?  Maybe this spread can provide some insight.

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