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Spirits of the Circle Spread

In the DruidCraft Tarot companion book, the Spirits of the Circle Spread caught my eye so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve actually been looking at this spread for years but never (at least that I remember) have tried it out. What it does, is look at six different influences that are affecting your life and helps you explore your sense of identity, in search of the perennial question, ‘Who am I’.

The layout is as follows:

Spirts of the circle tarot spread

Card 1: The Self – how you feel at this time or the issues you are facing in your life

Card 2: Spirit of the Ancestors – influence of family elders – genetic ancestry or family

Card 3: Spirit of the Tribe – influence of friends, culture or community that surrounds you

Card 4: Spirit of Time – influence of the time you are living through, by your age or by the life-stage you have reached

Card 5: Spirit of Place – influence of home or area of the country you live in

Card 6: Spirit of the Journey – influence of previous lives

Card 7: Awen – gifts/blessings/graces of the gods or nature – how you are being influences by Spirit.

Below are the results of my reading using the DruidCraft Tarot:

Spirts of the circle tarot spread

The Self – The Fferyllt (Temperance in the RWS)

This card represents a creative endeavor and signifies the combining of several elements to form something new. This makes perfect sense as these are definitely the energies in play at the moment. According to the book, this card signifies that the period of waiting for inspiration is over.  This is a great card to have in the “Self” position.

Spirit of the Ancestors – 10 of Swords

As I am adopted, I can’t say too much about my genetic ancestry. After several years of searching for my real parents, I have encountered nothing but dead ends and have pretty much given up. Perhaps this is what the card signifies – the end of the line.  I wonder if this card my be suggesting that deep down I feel a sense of betrayal at being adopted?  Something to think about.

Spirit of the Tribe – Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords in this deck is about clarity and focus. The book states that often, it suggests cutting yourself free from attachments that no longer serve you. My attitude environment and contemporaries is to get rid of what no longer works – funny, that is exactly what I am doing at the moment. Perhaps in days of old, one would hang on so as “not to be a quitter”. These days, the attitude more or less is “find your bliss” (thank you Joseph Campbell)  – don’t do something that doesn’t make your happy just because of the expectations of society.

Spirit of Time – King of Swords

It’s funny that this card popped up here – in one week, I turn 50 so I am entering a later stage of my life. To me, kings are cards of maturity. The King of Swords is about wise decision making and putting plans into action. As someone in my age range, I know that there is not room for wishful thinking and procrastination – action is necessary.

Spirit of Place – The World

I love it that the World card popped up in the Sprit of Place position. As I have traveled quite a bit, lived abroad and am a lover of foreign languages, I’m guessing this card is telling me that I am not simply influenced by my local area and local people.

Spirit of the Journey – The Lady (The Empress in the RWS)

The Lady is a card of creativity, abundance, nurturing and healing, many of which are present in this life. I may have been a creative type (more water than pentacles) in past lives and this is what I’m bringing forward.  While creativity and nurturing are good things, I do need to cultivate more “pentacles” energy in my life.

Awen – 3 of Cups

Spirit may be directing me to working with others, even forming partnerships. This theme has come up quite often in readings. I have also been told that I need to work less & celebrate life more (a reader just told me this recently). It looks like this may be a gentle push from spirit. Less work, more time for friendships and celebrations.

Enlightening spread – I think it gives you a good idea of the factors influencing you in your life, both the good and the not so good.

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