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Spread for a Tough Situation

Not too long ago, I had a client who has having difficulty with a coworker.  It was a rather sensitive  situation, involving a major personality clash.  The client’s original question was how to change to behavior of the coworker.  After a bit of dialog, we changed it to:  “What do I need to know about this situation”, allowing us to look at the issue from different perspectives.  I created what I called my “Tough Situation Spread” and it ended up being extremely helpful for this reading.

Feel free to use it if you (or a client) encounter difficulty with another person.

The layout of the Spread is as follows:

Tough Situation1

1 – The foundation of the situation
2 – What you are brining to the situation
3 – What they are bringing to the situation
4 – Hidden influences
5 – Influences of which you are aware
6 – What attitude or approach will be the least helpful?*
7 – What attitude or approach will be the most helpful?
8 – Likely outcome if you follow the advice of Card 7

*If you want, you could pull an additional card to see what the likely outcome would be if you followed the advice of number 6, but I felt that this would not help the situation, as I wanted to client to focus on a positive approach, not a negative one.

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