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Spread for Samhain

Today is October 31 during which many people celebrate Samhain, the Celtic new year.  Many folks who follow earth-based spiritual traditions see Samhain as a time of renewal, a time of letting go of that which no longer serves.  Samhain is a time of looking inward – to reflect on the past year and to plan for the next.

Samhain is also an excellent time for divination, as it is said that during this time of year, the veil between the worlds is the thinnest.  One practice that I maintain every year during my personal Samhain celebration is a Tarot reading using Christine Jette’s “Fruit of Wisdom” Samhain spread.  This spread is taken from her wonderful book “Tarot for All Seasons: Celebrating the Days & Nights of Power” in which she provides tarot spreads, rituals, folklore and sample readings for each of the holidays of the Wheel of the Year.  So if you follow the Wheel of the Year and read Tarot, I highly recommend this book.  It can really add some fun as well as profound aspects to your celebrations.

The layout of the Fruit of Wisdom spread is as follows:

Samhain Tarot Spread Image


Position 1:  A Time of Reflection.  Fears and Blocks.
What is holding you back from creating the life you want?  What blocks you from your desires?

Position 2:  Acceptance.
Who or what do you need to accept?  What cannot be changed?

Position 3:  Release and Let Go.
What is no longer useful to you?  What habits, relationships, or thought patterns are worn out?

Position 4:  Keep, Nurture and Protect.
What talents, skills and abilities do you need to keep and nurture?  What do you need to protect?

Position 5:  Crone’s Wisdom.
What is your intuition telling you?  What can you learn from your situation?

Position 6:  Cauldron of Rebirth. Awaiting the New.
What future are you building as a result of reflecting, accepting, releasing, nurturing and protecting?

Each year, this spread provides me some amazing insights and I look forward with anticipation to this year’s reading.  Give it a try yourself, even if you don’t celebrate Samhain, as it can provide some valuable information about your life and those things that might be holding you back.

Check out Christine Jette’s book HERE

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  • Kate!Great reading for the week. Thanks so much for it. In putciralar, I really liked how you used the two columns of birds flying in opposite directions on the 8 of Air to signify a sense of uncertainty about what we were so clear about and acting on. That’s BRILLIANT!Also, one thing that’s influenced me, especially from hearing you read in the videos, is this phrase you use, Another thing I get . . . That’s the phrase that’s allowing me to have second and third and even fourth looks at a card and to speak my thoughts out loud. Thank you!Finally, could you let me know what the music is that’s playing in the background of this video? And where I can get it, if you know. I’m IN LOVE!Happy Almost Monday,Jamie


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