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Tarot 101: Shuffling for Reversals


As you advance in your Tarot knowledge, you may wish to consider reading reversed cards. This card cards that appear upside down when they are turned over and are typically interpreted differently than upright cards. I will discuss this in more detail in future lessons. However, if you want to begin reading reversed cards, you will need to ensure that some of the cards (typically about 1/4 of the cards but no more than 1/3 of them) end up reversed when shuffling. The side method of shuffling that I personally use, depending on the deck, never results in reversed cards. Thus, I need to reverse some of the cards manually.

I typically do this during the cutting process. This involves cutting the deck into three stacks, moving to the left and then reassembling the deck starting from the right. To ensure that some of the cards are reversed, I take the center stack after cutting and then rotate it 180 degrees before reassembling. Once the deck is reassembled, I then reshuffle it to ensure that the reversed cards are mixed well throughout the deck. Since the middle stack (our reversed stack) should consist of fewer cards, we will want to make this pile shorter during the cutting process.

Image: From the Tarot of Ages copyright U.S. Games, Inc. and Mario Garizio

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