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Tarot 101: Tarot Myth #2 – Tarot Tells Us What Will Happen

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We continue our discussion on Tarot myths with a very common one: “Tarot tells you definitely what will happen.”

This belief is quite common and in fact, many people fear getting a Tarot reading because they simply don’t want to know what the future will bring. They feel that the Tarot will tell them what will absolutely happen and that this future in unchangeable. The entire purpose of Tarot however, is to study the current energies surrounding a situation and provide us with the means to change and create our own future.

For we alone are responsible for our decisions and actions — and it is up to us to determine how our life unfolds. Nothing the Tarot suggests is ever etched in stone. Tarot does not provide us with certainties about our future but rather with possibilities and potentials.

We always have the power to consciously create our own life, because it is the decisions that we make and the actions we take – today, here and now – that determine what our life will be like. What the Tarot can do is to provide us with insight and guidance, to help us to understand the energies and influences operating in our life at the current time – around our questions.

The Tarot may suggest what could happen if you continue along the same path you are now, doing exactly what you are doing now. To use a popular saying, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” So if we like that cards that come up, we can assure ourselves that we’re on the right path. If however, the cards that appear are not to our liking, then Tarot can then provide possibilities for us to change this future – to direct our present by our actions.

Ultimately, it is up to us to activate positive changes in our life. The future is always uncertain and a seemingly bleak future can always often be turned around. While the Tarot may suggest a probable outcome due to the surrounding influences in our life at the time of a reading, it’s important to understand that each choice we make changes that outcome.

Of course, Tarot is not only used for fortune-telling purposes and many readers never use it in that manner. Tarot can also be used for counseling, guidance, brainstorming, problem solving, creativity, and much, much more. Many modern Tarot professionals use Tarot as a counseling tool, to help their clients understand their feelings, emotions and motivations. Rather than fortune-telling, they employ Tarot as a psychological tool used to gain access to the subconscious. Employed in this way, Tarot can provide us clarity about our motivations – about why we find ourselves in the same situations or dilemnas over and over again.

So regardless of whether you use Tarot for forecasting the future or not, it is important to know that our future is not goverened by a deck of cards but rather by our own actions. Using the cards can help us make better more insightful decisions and in the process, change our future to what we want it to be.

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