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Tarot 101: Tarot Myth #3 – You must not buy your own deck!

We continue our discussion on Tarot myths. One myth, though it is beginning to disappear, still resurfaces from time to time in the Tarot forums.

That is: “You must not buy a deck for yourself; otherwise, you will experience bad luck. The deck must be either given to you as a gift or stolen.

Man offering a woman a wrapped gift

Where does it come from?

I have heard that this myth stems back to the old days when decks were very difficult to come by and even illegal in some areas. Thus, deck were sold “in secret” so often, that the only way to obtain a deck was by someone who had connections. Much to the chagrin of shop owners and deck creators, part of this myth states that stealing a deck is acceptable – just as long as you didn’t purchase it for yourself.

Truth or Rubbish?

Of course, this myth is pure rubbish. The power of the cards lies not in the physical bits of paper upon which the images are painted, but rather within the Tarot reader. If all of us had to wait in order to be gifted with a deck before reading, most of us would not be readers today. And if by some chance we are given a deck as a gift, who is to say that that deck will be the right one for us? I have received decks as gifts that I consider practically unusable – they just simply did not resonate with me. Thus, it is up to us to find a deck that is appropriate to our interests, beliefs and ideals – a deck whose art is compatible with our tastes. It is up to us alone to find our ideal deck. And what is the ideal deck? The deck that you will use.

What if I want a Tarot deck as a gift?

Of course, receiving a lovely deck as a gift is wonderful, especially if it is a deck that resonates with you (and it never hurts to drop hints…). So much the better! But you don’t have to wait for someone to gift you with a deck. I have purchased all of the decks that I work with on a regular basis and they work just fine.

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  • While I agree with you 100%, I just wrote a blog post on the same subject, challenging people to look at it from a different perspective.

    I was “gifted” my first deck, and it was part of the Tarot choosing me. I don’t subscribe to the myth, but it’s a lovely thing to perpetuate, either with someone who HOLDS the belief, or with random people. I’ve given away more decks than I’ve ever kept….why do you think we accumlate all those decks?? To hoard them? Pay it forward! Pass it on! 🙂 Don’t miss a golden opportunity…..

    • I totally agree with you! Several years ago a friend of mine gifted me The Housewives Tarot – a deck I would have never purchased for myself and it has become a favorite! In fact, I have two repeat clients who request it every time they come. That friend is no longer with us so the deck is even more special to me. Yes, definitely pass decks on! I’ve gifted several decks over the years that I thought might be perfect for someone and I think it’s a great way to “Pay if Forward” as you said. Come to think of it, the decks I’ve received as gifts do tend to be more special then a deck I’ve purchased myself.

    • Hal Weeks- I’m interested in reading your blog post but it keeps coming up with an error message saying page not found.

  • Can I ask someone to gift me a deck?

    • Most definitely! I’ve received several lovely decks as gifts.

  • I’ve wanted a deck for many many years, I’ve hinted to many people and never received one so I have just purchased my very first! I’m so excited and I’m really glad I found this, now I don’t need to feel guilty for buying them myself.

    • Congratulations! I wish you the best along your Tarot journey.


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