Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

Tarot Financial Abundance Experiment: Day 19

Deck: The Wizard’s Tarot
This post is part of my 45 Experiment:  Using the daily tarot draw to bring more financial abundance into our life. I will be using the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John J. Bluemen for this experiment’s deck.

Day 19: What can I do to bring more financial abundance into my life?

Page of Cups

Page of Cups from the Wizards Tarot image

The Page of Cups is a card of emotions and dreams – it calls to us to look and listen to our dreams as well as a willingness to be open to our creative side. This card often urges us to listen to our intuition and our imagination and perhaps even use them in our work.   Interestingly enough, I have been dreaming quite heavily lately and this morning it struck me that it might be a good idea to keep a pad and paper next to my bed so that I could write down these dreams upon awakening (I used to do this years ago but unfortunately, let the practice slide).  I have often received excellent ideas & inspiration from my dreams, several of which have led to short stories and even a novel.

This Page can also represent artistic ability, creative writing, education, and emotional experiences in general. I often equate this card with learning so perhaps it is calling me to put myself into a new learning situation.  This actually makes sense to me as I’ve been contemplating enrolling in a new class that I just heard about the other day –  and lo and behold, it is a class that delves heavily into the creative side.   But most of all, I see this card as urging me to be open to new emotional experiences, whether that be my dreams, intuition, or inspiration for a new writing project. I feel that this class that I mentioned above may very well help in this matter.

The Page of Cups is an artistic sort and loves to express himself. This card is about expressing your creativity.  Too much rational, calculating logic can make you a boring boy or girl.  Thus, this page gently reminds us that in order to stimulate our creativity and continue to generate exciting ideas, you need an outlet to express yourself, whether it be writing, music, painting, or even dance.  Maybe take one of your dreams and turn it into a story.  Or simply create an ebook or start (or resurrect!) a blog.  If you’re a Tarot professional, why not write a fiction book or a collection of short stories based upon the images in the cards?

Being able to express yourself creatively can open new doors and add an entirely new dimension to your business.  Be open to your creative side.  This card often has to do with teaching and training, which can be an excellent way to increase your income.  Have you considered consulting or tutoring?  Find (or learn) something you enjoy doing and teach it to others.  If you are an expert at something, offer classes or teach at a community college (great way to network as well).

The Page of Cups encourages you to step outside the box.  Stretch yourself past the boundaries of your comfort zone and try something new, for this page is always at home with unusual situations. But most importantly, have fun while doing it.

Jobs/occupations for The Page of Cups: Tarot reader, pet whisperer, teacher, student, professor, artist, musician, novelist, poet, hypnotist, shipping & receiving, graphic artist, import and export, ornithologist, zen master, owner of a fish hatchery, meditation leader, software trainer, job skills trainer, child care, fisherman, travel photographer or writer, zoologist, animal trainer

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