Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

Tarot Financial Abundance Experiment: Day 28

Deck: The Wizard’s Tarot
This post is part of my 45 Experiment:  Using the daily tarot draw to bring more financial abundance into our life. I will be using the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John J. Bluemen for this experiment’s deck.

Day 28: What can I do to bring more financial abundance into my life?

The Sun

Sun card from the Wizard's Tarot image

The Sun is a card of success and attainment – it is letting you know that your efforts are coming to fruition. Congratulations! You definitely should pause for a moment to celebrate and revel in your success.  However, it is not a time to stop striving or stop dreaming.  The Sun, being a fire card, represents raw creativity so it is an excellent time to explore new ideas and make new plans.  It’s time to begin thinking about and planning your next project.  That is how we can continue to bring in income and to feel fulfilled in our work – by keeping the momentum going and coming up with new ideas (and new products or services) all the time.  The Sun encourages us not to become stagnant or complacent, but rather look ahead to the future while exploring our creativity.

The horse looking in the window in this image makes me think about the importance of “overseeing your process.”  This card may also be suggesting that you take a good look at your process to see if there’s room for improvement, perhaps even expand on one of your existing ideas into something new.  With the sun, there’s always room for growth.

This should be a time of intense activity, both for creating new projects and improving existing ones.   Just as the sun is the center and main focus of this card, so should your energy, passion and enthusiasm be the main focus of your work; this is to say, if you aren’t energized and fired up by your work, then you are doing the wrong work.  Do what you love, become involved in all aspects of your project and let your light shine. This card is related to the arts and creativity so think about creative projects that you might enjoy – writing, song writing, blogging, acting, performing, painting – whatever it is that “fires” you up.

In the RSW version of this card, The Sun depicts a blond child riding a horse, which some have referred to as Apollo, god of healing, divination, music, and truth so any projects or careers involving any of these might help to increase your financial abundance. How about learning massage, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, aromatherapy or Reiki? How about giving riding lessons (horses) or even running a stable? If animals are really you think, it might be time to consider a program of study in veterinary medicine.

Jobs/occupations for the Sun: Scientist, veterinarian, working at the electric company, jockey (horses), gardener, farmer, performer, entertainer, civil engineer, musician, animal trainer, chiropractor, cardiologist, professor, worker at solarium, curtain maker, drapes maker, healthcare worker, mechanic, tropical resort owner, meteorologist, plant scientist, botanist, environmental conservationist, food scientist, horticulturalist

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