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Tarot Financial Abundance Experiment: Day 40

Deck: The Wizard’s Tarot
This post is part of my 45 Experiment:  Using the daily tarot draw to bring more financial abundance into our life. I will be using the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John J. Bluemen for this experiment’s deck.

Day 40: What can I do to bring more financial abundance into my life?

10 of Wands

10 of Wands from the Wizards tarot image

The 10 of Wands is a card of burdens, overextending oneself and struggle.  It can also represent pressure and stress.  In this particular card, we have a student struggling under the load of his burden. This card is just perfect for me today, and I have been thinking recently of evaluating my workflow and getting rid of that which is slowing me down or adding extra burden.

Looking at my desk, I realize that there are several things that are weighing on me and providing me nothing be extra stress.  So today, I am going to look at removing the extra clutter from my work environment as well as my work flow – and discard anything that is an obstacle to my productivity.  Hopefully by tomorrow, my desk will be clean!

One of the first phrases that popped into my head this morning when I saw this card was “travel light.”  I see this card as a reminder not to get bogged down by an excess of stuff – either material or psychological.  We should only carry only that which is essential to our path. That being said, a good way to bring in extra money is to sell your excess, unneeded or no-longer-used stuff.  Get rid of that which no longer serves you (even if you did have good intentions on using that weight set or treadmill) or anything that is simply weighing you down. Do you really need and/or use 300 Tarot decks? I know of many people who have completely paid off their debts simply by selling their stuff on eBay, Craigslist, yard sales, or other venues.  Taking on a less materialistic mindset and spending money only on essentials certainly can make a drastic change in one’s financial situation.  It might be a good idea to spend some time looking at your expenditures as well as your personal possessions and determine if there is anything that can get rid of to lighten your load.

This lightening of one’s load can also apply to your processes as well.  Are you doing everything the hard way?  Are you doing too much yourself when you could be delegating or outsourcing?  Are you spending too much time “organizing” and not enough time creating?  Maybe spending some time considering these things could result in more productivity on your part and less wasted energy & stress.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  That’s what this card reminds me of, as we see this young man struggling with his arms wrapped around a load of lit torches.  As we mentioned, this card is typically about struggle and burden, and that is what we sometimes need to do to succeed.  We may be reminded today that in order to bring more money into our life (especially if we are forging a new path), we may need to pursue a burdensome course of action.  Hey, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?  It is so simple to give up when things get really tough – but that’s when we really need to persevere and continue forward.  Quitting when things get a tad stressful results in a feeling of failure, low self-esteem as well as feeling that we once again gave up on our passion or dream.

If you’ve been putting off doing something because of the burden/hassle it would create, then this card is advising you that it’s time to put your fears aside and get going.

When we start a new business or take on a new major project, we don’t always anticipate how much work it will be.  So we may need to remind ourselves along the way why we are doing what we are doing.  That is to say, we need to recognize that this temporary burden will help us to fulfill our sense of mission and/or life’s purpose and keep us on the rightful path that we have chosen. If the burden becomes too oppressive, we may need to summon all of our energy and willpower to get through it – but we must not lose sight of the dream.  This is especially true if we are following a path that is not well-trodden by others, as the man in this card apparently is doing.  But you gotta do the work.  Yes, being a new trailblazer is tough – but the rewards can be enormous.

I personally am going through this right at the moment with the new, huge project that I have undertaken (keep your eyes open in the first half of next year for some exciting new goodies on the blog!).  So today, I find this card to be excellent motivation.

Jobs/occupations for the 10 of Wands: Labor Union expert, day laborer, logger, furniture mover, gambler, one who helps lighten the load of others, organizer, caregiver, healthcare worker

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