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Tarot Financial Abundance Experiment: Day 42

Deck: The Wizard’s Tarot
This post is part of my 45 Experiment:  Using the daily tarot draw to bring more financial abundance into our life. I will be using the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John J. Bluemen for this experiment’s deck.

Day 42: What can I do to bring more financial abundance into my life?

3 of Wands

3 of wands from the Wizards Tarot image

There are so many possibilities for this card – but what jumped at me the most this morning was the idea of “product launch.”  The number 3 represents manifestation – of bringing something into being in the physical.  We have worked hard up to this point – preparing, planning, outlining, writing, bringing in others, and strategizing. but for anything to really change, we need to let go of the product, service or idea and make it available.

We’ve already discussed the words of Seth Godin, popular business author and blogger, who says that none of your work really matters unless you “ship”.  This is to say, your product needs to be available for purchase by others.  It’s time to cast aside any doubts & fear and instead, face the future and all of the possibilities it may contain.  You may succeed or you may fail, but you can never succeed unless you try – unless you release your product or service out into the world.

This card also calls for a bit of patience. Don’t be too quick to give up and throw in the towel. Some people give up within weeks of starting a new blog or engaging on social media. Things may not happen right way and may require a good amount of cultivation (such as a blogger or social media presence) before they pay off.

In this card, a young woman is standing, facing the water,  Perhaps waiting for her ship to come in.  But there is only one small sailboat which seems to be sailing away.  You have set your plans in motion but the last part still needs to be done. Funny thing, is that this is the part where most people fail.  There are many written novels sitting in the bottom drawer.  Or plans, ideas and outlines abandoned because of fear and doubt.  You’ll never make money on your book or idea if it doesn’t leave your own little world – if you don’t ship it.

So if you are have been heavily involved in planning and conceptualizing your product, it is time to make these ideas manifest.  Start the writing – or whatever it is you need to do to make your goals real.  Ask yourself, “what do I need to do to make my ideas into a reality?”  And then, begin the physical process of bringing them into being.  Bring together everyone who is or will be part of your project and agree on what you all need to do to make your ideas manifest.  And then do the work. Ship.

Jobs/occupations for the 3 of Wands: Marina owner, event planner, nature photographer, import/export, business creator, party planner, homemade kayak maker, entrepreneur, outdoors tour guide, adventure tours, travel planner, merchant, wholesale producer of goods, project manager, owner of boat touring adventure company (kayak, canoe tours), writer, artist, company consultant, investor, teaching abroad, visiting professor or teacher, negotiator, finance planner, foreign language translator, foreign language teacher

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