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Tarot Financial Abundance Experiment: Day 43

Deck: The Wizard’s Tarot
This post is part of my 45 Experiment:  Using the daily tarot draw to bring more financial abundance into our life. I will be using the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John J. Bluemen for this experiment’s deck.

Day 43: What can I do to bring more financial abundance into my life?

The Magician

Magician card from the wizards tarot image

The Magician is a card of action, of making things happen through our will and our disciplined mind.  In this card, the magician combines several elements to create something completely new.  He also makes full use of his skills and abilities to achieve his goals. The Magician card is about using your talents and resources – and communicating those to others.  This card represents the ability of doing what you have your mind set to do by sheer willpower.  Are you perhaps overlooking sources of opportunity?  Not utilizing the talents, resources or materials you have to the fullest?  This might be an excellent opportunity to find new ways to use your skills and resources to help bring financial abundance into your life.  Something the Magician is exceptionally good at is taking his resources, skill and materials and constructing something entirely new out of them – being the “Master Alchemist.”

The Magician is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.  This suggests to me a need to communicate our ideas, to get them out in the world. This could be by starting/continuing a blog that may cause others to get more interested in your other offerings, writing an ebook, using social media to market yourself, or even write a novel.  Do you speak a foreign language? Use this skill to reach out to other countries or even create an online language school. Like the Magician, we can transform aspects of our life into something that we can use, something that can benefit us.

As this card often has to do with communication, today is a good day to do just that:  communicate heavily with others.  Use your e-mail mailing lists, social networking sites, physical mailings, telephone or whatever means necessary to get the world out.  Stimulate conversation about your business – get others to talk about your services or product.  Offer an incentive for people to try out your product.  Work on a free e-book or report that others can download to engage them or put one of your items or services on sale for a limited time.  The Magician is the epitome of “The Marketer” so it is up to you to use that energy to get the word out about yourself.  Be bold and assertive (but not aggressive) in doing so – and above all, don’t be embarrassed to ask your customers to buy.

Speaking of marketing, it might also be a good time to begin or add to a marketing campaign.  Work on your pitch, perfect it and then get it out there.  If you are working on a product or a book, it might be time to mention your upcoming items, to generate interest & buzz in them ahead of time.  Maybe even announce a release date to keep you motivated.  Sometimes, offering incentives for “pre-registration” can also build excitement about your products.

This is not a card of inaction or contemplation, but of getting things done.  If you have been thinking of starting a new project, the Magician gives his go ahead and let you know that you do have the skills & abilities to make it happen.  I also sometimes think of this card as the “brainstorming card”.  Make a list of all of your talents, skills, interests and abilities and ask yourself:  how can I make money using these?  What is my passion and how can I bring money into my life by using it? Someone once advised me, “Find something you love and do it so well that people pay you for it.”  Today, work on finding out exactly what it is that you love and run with it.

The Magician is the card of the Great Manifestor – a card of putting your ideas into action. In the context of our experiment, he may be advising us that it’s time to create something tangible, something in physical form that can create additional income.  This could be something like a podcast, e-book, novel, art, video course, an online school, creating a publishing company, crafts, putting your sewn or knitted items on Etsy, or even a presentation on a subject in which you are well-versed.  This card is about action, focused intent and commitment.  Ideas are all well and good, but unless you manifest them into something tangible, they will do you little good.  So today, The Magician card urges you to start working on your product or service with the goal of getting it out into the world.

The possibilities of The Magician are endless – as long we we take positive action and focus on manifestation through our willpower.

Jobs/occupations for The Magician: Speech writer, orator, linguist, neurosurgeon, Radio personality, stage magician, engineer, advertising professional, salesman, DJ, accountant/bookkeeper, systems analyst, IT manager, invent, publishing agent, entertainment agent, FedEx/UPS delivery person, career counselor, horticulturist, gardener, physicist, juggler, entertainer, politician, artisan, surgeon, teacher, author

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