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Tarot Financial Abundance Experiment: Day 5

Deck: The Wizard’s Tarot This post is part of my 45 Experiment:  Using the daily tarot draw to bring more financial abundance into our life. I will be using the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John J. Bluemen for this experiment’s deck.

Day 5: What can I do to bring more financial abundance into my life?

The Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles from the Wizards Tarot

In this card, we see a young gnome (a creature representing the element of earth) on her way to school but yet, looking back over her shoulder as if not quite sure she wants to leave the safety of her home. She is the youngest member of the gnome family, perhaps going out on her own for the first time.

The Page of Pentacles is about starting a venture – possibly leading to a new adventure. This is the cue that it’s okay to take a risk and try something new even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Being that the suit of pentacles is about money, this venture might be a new business that you’ve been thinking about starting for awhile.

This particular page signifies education and learning and often points to a formal degree program or other educational opportunities. Adding extra skills, especially if it’s a new degree, can really increase your chances of bringing in extra financial abundance. Because of the learning aspect of this card, I thought of a library. I’ve heard of tarot folks working with their local library and offering tarot readings to the public. It’s an excellent way for people to become familiar with you and help you to gain new clients.

Sticking with the theme of books, how about writing one? What skill are you especially good at that you can share with others? Many people are making a nice chunk of change selling e-books online.

The Pages are often associated with technical know-how so work involving technology might be a good way to earn more money. If you are technologically adept, taking some classes on Web design or SEO might provide a new business opportunities and even a career for you.

Being associated with the element of earth, anything having to do with earth is fair game: gardening, landscaping, farming and pottery, just to name a few.

Do you enjoy working with children? A career teaching or guiding students might be in the cards.

Additional jobs/occupations for the Page of Pentacles: teacher, student counselor, librarian, author, IT/Computer specialist, courseware creator, nature guide, purse/pouch maker, farming, landscaping, gardener (and selling your produce), special education teacher, tutoring students, creating a home cleaning business (maid service – a friend of mine put himself through college this way), give neighborhood group tours, sell herbs at farmer’s market, working for a moving company (or running your own), have a yard sale, offer in-home child care.

Hopefully, today’s young lady has given you some new ideas to generate income.

Image copyright © Llewellyn Wordwide – Wizard’s Tarot

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