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The Artist’s Way & Tarot: Recovering a Sense of Abundance

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We begin Week 6 of The Artist’s Way: Recovering a Sense of Abundance.

To get a feel for this week’s work, Julia starts out the chapter with a quote from Mike Phillips ~ Money will come when you are doing the right thing.

Many people think of god/goddess, spirit or the universe as some sort of stern parent who has strict ideas about what’s good for us. As such, we work hard at jobs we hate and ignore our dreams because we somehow equate suffering with virtue. We deny ourselves our true calling because we see it somehow as being more spiritual. Julia describes this as being artistically anorexic – we yearn to be creative yet we refuse to feed that hunger in ourselves. Sound familiar? I don’t know how many people I’ve heard say things like, “I would love to write a book.” or “I used to paint in college. I miss it sometimes.”

This week, the Artist’s Way stresses the importance of moving past this mindset into a mindset of luxury. That is to say, being open to the universal flow and doing the things we feel we must, deep down inside. I personally find that when I’m doing work that I love – work that makes my soul sing – it is then that financial prosperity begins to flow.

Creatives who create do so not necessarily because they want to but rather because they have to. Allowing yourself to create is accepting the universal gifts of creativity while doing that which gives us true joy.

So what does Julia mean by luxury? Luxury means carving out time for ourselves to do creative work as well as creating space in which to do it. It means allowing ourself to be creative and do creative work, in addition to our other obligations. It’s permitting ourself to play in order to stimulate our creativity – to add to our well of ideas.

Our ideas about money shape our ideas about creativity – ideas such as: you make money first, do creative work second. Or the idea that money is difficult to earn so you should spend it only on necessities (not on tarot decks or art supplies). Getting back to the idea of joy and universal flow, this week’s lesson seems to be that money isn’t any use to you if you don’t enjoy your life. So spoil yourself. Take that Tarot workshop you’ve been thinking about or subscribe to that magazine that has caught your eye. In addition to focusing on others, focus on yourself too. Live creatively.

Tarot Task:

Using Tarot, we are going to create a map for yourself to help you to start living a life of creative luxury. Give this spread a try in the coming week. For action steps, feel free to add one or more “next steps” positions to the spread.

Abundance tarot spread image

  1. What gives me true joy?
  2. What do I desire but can’t express?
  3. What prevents me from enjoying abundance?
  4. How can I create boundaries between my work and other obligations?
  5. What can I clear away in my life to make room for creativity?
  6. What will help me to retain my creative focus?
  7. What do I need to do to cultivate future prosperity?

Below are the results for my reading using this spread. I am using The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination by Ed Buryn.

Image of Abundance Spread using the William Blake Tarot

  1. What gives me true joy?
    Six of Science
    Finding a sense of purpose to my work. This is also about exploring new terrain and trying new things which always gives me joy. I love experimenting and dipping my toes into the unknown.
  2. What do I desire but can’t express?
    To me, the Stars represent my highest creative potential and accessing my own creative powers. Sometimes, the obligations of everyday life intrude (as well as negative thinking) and prevent me from being all that I could be.
  3. What prevents me from enjoying abundance?
    The Sun
    In a negative position, the Sun to me can represent those distractions that prevent me from creating. The Sun is a card of attainment and sometimes, I find myself so overly focused on success or the final result, that I don’t enjoy the gifts already present in my life. Our society has drilled it into our heads to always be striving for the next milestone, the next step in success. While having goals is great, we have to learn to slow down and enjoy the success we already are experiencing. There is more to life than constant work.
  4. How can I create boundaries between my work and other obligations?
    6 of Music
    This card is titled “Pleasure” and therein lies the answer. I am guilty of working constantly, sometimes forgetting to enjoy myself and the people in my life. The 6 of Music card is a great reminder of the need to to slow down and enjoy the ride. Taking pleasures in life’s simple things is also any excellent way to open oneself up to creative abundance.
  5. What can I clear away in my life to make room for creativity?
    2 of Science
    Hesitation and doubt. These are the two things that prevent me from creating. That nagging feeling that makes me wonder whether my work is any good or whether people find it helpful and relevant. Once I learn to let go of my doubts, I usually find my ideas and joy flowing once again.
  6. What will help me to retain my creative focus?
    Nice card! This is about taking control of a situation and taking action to manifest one’s goals. It’s a reminder to keep on top of my schedule, stick to my plans and not allow myself to get distracted become my aims.
  7. What do I need to do to cultivate future prosperity?
    10 of Music
    This card is about sharing your life and work with others, and being of service. To me, I really get a sense of the importance of community with this card. I need to keep myself out there and available to others. Sometimes when I’m busy on a project, I have a tendency to hole myself up and focus on nothing but work. Rather, this card reminds me that it is love and service that opens us up to the universal flow.

Artist’s Way Tasks (Some exercises in the book)

  1. Using a small pocket notepad, keep track of every expenditure in the coming week. It doesn’t matter how small of an amount it is. By seeing where we fritter away our money on things that aren’t important, we can consciously move those expenditures towards creative luxury instead.
  2. Natural abundance: Find five pretty or interesting rocks and carry them around with you, as a reminder of our creative consciousness.
  3. Throw or give away five ratty pieces of clothing. This is a conscious move of clearing away that which no longer serves us, in order to make room for the new.

There are many other wonderful exercises at the end of this week’s
chapter in the book. Give them a try!

Don’t have The Artist’s Way? You can check it out HERE

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