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The Artist’s Way & Tarot: To Dream The Impossible Dream

Artists way


We begin Week 5 of the Artist’s Way: Recovering a Sense of Possibility.

The topic of this chapter really resonated with me and I’m guessing that it will with a other lot of folks as well. In Week 5, we are asked to examine the ways in which we limit ourselves by our beliefs – those invisible boundaries that we place upon ourselves. Julia states that one of the chief barriers to our potential is the limited notion of what we are in fact able to accomplish. How many times have been hit with an idea and then thought that it was stupid, crazy or would never work? I know I have….although I’m a lot better about it these days.

With these negative thoughts, we unconsciously set limits on how much the universe can provide to us or help us – or as Julia puts it:

“We are stingy with ourselves. And if we receive a gift beyond our imagining, we often send it back.”

Julia inserted a quote in the margin by Eileen Caddy that reads:

“Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on ever level, expect to grow spiritually.”

I love this quote. Once we start expecting that we can do anything, we will surprise ourselves. Once we move past those old limits in our thinking, we begin to co-create with the Universe. We enter in a conscious agreement with the Universe, accepting what is given – and leading ultimately to abundance.

According to Julia, in order for this to happen we have to believe that we are indeed allowed to catch the bus, as she puts it. We have to move beyond scarcity thinking and release the flow of spiritual abundance. We have to keep in mind that the universe is ultimately abundant – it has unlimited money, friends, books, movies, paintings and opportunities. We just have to be willing to allow it to come to us – allow ourself to bring it into our life.

If we don’t believe we can do it, then we won’t. If we believe we don’t deserve it, then we won’t get it. Period.

Now I’m not saying “wish and it will be so”. Not at all. In fact, I’m not a huge proponent of “The Secret” way of thinking in which you can wish things into existence (this is only my humble opinion). The key word here is co-create. You can’t have a best-selling novel if you don’t write it and put the time into learning your craft. You can’t be a successful tarot consultant if you don’t learn the cards and spend time practicing. You have to do the work or as Julia says “…take the concrete steps necessary to trigger our synchronous good.”

Julia goes on to say that creativity is a spiritual issue and progress towards our goals are made by leaps of faith, some small, some large. By having faith and thus allowing ourselves to succeed, we slowly begin to remove those inners barriers. By replacing the “No way!”, “Impossible!”, “I can’t do that” with “Maybe”, we start to open doors. We begin to trust.

How about you? What dream or idea are you discounting as impossible? How’s that working out for you?

Tarot Exercise

Take out one or more cards that represent your dream, goal or aspiration. You will use this card as your Significator. Don’t think it’s too big, to crazy or out of your reach. Then, shuffle your deck and place your cards in the following positions:

Possibility spread

  1. What are you capable of (i.e. what can you achieve with the universe?)
  2. What blocks you or limits you?
  3. How do you let go of these limitations?
  4. What can help you to accept your creative talents?
  5. What daily action will help make your dreams a reality?
  6. What will you uncover as a result of this work?

Below are the results for my reading using this spread. I am using The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination as chose the 9 of Poetry as my significator.

Possibilities Spread

  1. What are I capable of (i.e. what can I achieve with the universe?)
    This card is about eliminating something old to make way for the new. To me, this entails getting rid of old, limiting ways of thinking. By doing so, I can bring abundance into my life.
  2. What blocks me or limits me? 5 of Science – Division.
    Division makes me think that I’m too scattered sometimes…to unfocused. This might be a good time to start that image board as suggested in the Artist’s Way exercise and really start to focus on what it is that I want to bring into manifestation. Dividing thoughts (i.e. negative thoughts) may also be contributing to the situation).
  3. How do you let go of these limitations?
    Child of Painting.
    This card tells me to take my creative ideas and inspiration and run with them! I need to not be afraid of experimenting and stepping outside of the box.
  4. What can help you me to accept my creative talents? Imagination
    Wow – the title of this card says it all. I need to stop censoring myself and allow my imagination to flow forth. Spend time imagining possibilities and potentials. The idea of “Creative Visualization” comes to mind – I need to spend time daily imagining and visualizing what it is I want to bring into existence. Of course, then I need to do the necessary footwork to make it so.
  5. What daily action will help make your dreams a reality?
    Ace of Science.
    This talks to me of knowledge – and a need to continue to develop my skills, to learn as much as I can about my craft. Practice combined with knowledge will make my aspirations more attainable.
  6. What will you uncover as a result of this work?
    How about it? I promise – I drew all these card randomly! This card tells me that I have control over my own situation and with proper focus and intention, I can make manifest my goals. I have the “power” to achieve what I want. I like it!

Artist’s Way Tasks (some exercises from the book)

  1. The reason I can’t believe in a supportive God (or Universe) is….List 5 grievances.
  2. Start an Image File: If I had either faith or money, I would try….and list 5 desires. For the next week, be alert for images of these desires. When you spot them, clip them, photograph them – collect them somehow. With these images, begin a file of dreams that speak to you. Add to it continually for the duration of this course.
  3. If I were twenty and had money….list 5 adventures. Again, add them to your visual image file.

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